What are the advantages of Hemodialysis?

By  ,  National Institute of Health
Jul 19, 2010

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In-Center Hemodialysis

•    + Facilities are widely available.
•    + Trained professionals are with you at all times.
•    + You can get to know other patients.
•    + You don’t have to have a partner or keep equipment in your home.

Home Hemodialysis

•    + You can do it at the times you choose—but you still must do it as often as your doctor orders.
•    + You don’t have to travel to a center.
•    + You gain a sense of independence and control over your treatment.
•    + Newer machines require less space.
•    + You will have fewer ups and downs in how you feel from day to day.
•    + Home hemodialysis is more work-friendly than in-center treatment.
•    + Your diet and fluids will be much closer to normal
•    + You can take along new, portable machines on car trips, in campers, or on airplanes.
•    + You can spend more time with your loved ones.

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