Weight Gain during Menstruation

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Jun 14, 2012

Weight Gain during Menstruation

Similar to how some women experience mood swings and stomach cramps during menstruation, others experience weight gain as well. Weight gain during menstruation may not happen to every woman of childbearing age. There seem to be different reasons as to why weight gain happens during menstruation. Experts in this field of gynaecology have pointed out the following reasons to be responsible for weight gain during menstruation.



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All human beings experience cravings at different times. It has been seen that people with strongest cravings are the ones undergoing hormonal changes. The best example to stand by this theory is that of pregnancy when a woman undergoes tremendous hormonal changes. Craving during menstruation is also a sign of hormonal changes. It is how some women deal with the changes in their body. Gynaecologists say that women are likely to experience a dip in the blood sugar levels, which makes their body, respond automatically by creating hunger pangs or cravings for food items that can compensate for the low level of blood sugar in the body.

Several nutritionists have found results that prove otherwise. The nutritionists have found that several women, who had a two pound weight gain after the menstrual week eventually, lost it as the days passed by. This has signalled the nutritionists to look for other triggers of weight gain that are specific to menstruation.



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Edema or Water Retention

Several women have noticed that by the end of their menstrual week, they have gained a couple of pounds. A great deal of this additional and unintended weight gain is not fat, but water. Often, when the hormones are erratic and not at normal levels, swelling occurs. In such a juncture, a woman stores up more water in certain parts of her body such as the legs, arms and tummy. Some women also experience a swelling in their breasts that may cause physical discomfort.



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Experts put under observation women, who were ovulating and about to menstruate. After it was made sure that these women did not consume additional foods, the weight was recorded. Like expected, the weight of these women had increased and the biggest contributing factor to it was water weight. This has led the nutritionists to device an exclusive diet plan that helps control weight gain and bloating during the menstrual week.

Weight gain during menstrual week is normal and usually goes away within a few days.


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