Christmas 2022: Healthy Dental Habits To Follow This Season

Christmas delicacies like chocolates, candies, pies, and alcoholic beverages can damage your teeth. Here are healthy habits to follow.

Varun Verma
Written by: Varun VermaUpdated at: Dec 23, 2022 11:09 IST
Christmas 2022: Healthy Dental Habits To Follow This Season

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Festive vibes often make people compromise their health, especially oral health. Along with lots of joy, Christmas is also full of delicacies like chocolates, candies, pies, and alcoholic beverages. All these can damage your teeth and wreak havoc on your oral cavity. However, it can be hard to avoid them completely; these healthy dental habits will prevent the damage from festive delicacies.

Healthy Dental Habits To Follow This Christmas

Here are five dental habits you can follow this Christmas while savouring the festival.

Don’t Skip Oral Care

The most important thing is to attend to your regular oral care routine. Taking a break from work in the festive season may seem welcoming, but not with your oral care routine. It becomes even more important to brush and floss throughout the festival season, considering the type of consumed, which is mostly sugary and acidic.

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Limit Sugar Intake

When it comes to festivals majority of the stake is owned by foods that are high in sugar. Sugar is another factor that complicates the oral cavity by causing bacteria buildup on teeth, leading to gum diseases and tooth decay. So, it is totally fine if you have a piece of sweet less this Christmas. Do not overboard yourself with them, which is not a good idea. If you cannot resist their cravings, it is always a good practice to rinse your mouth with water so that sugar does not remain in your mouth for long.

Avoid Hard Foods

Many of your favourite Christmas delicacies, like candy canes, toffees, and candied nuts, can be hard in texture. Chewing these hard candies can cause complications in people who suffer from Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) dysfunction. Chewing hard foods can trigger pain and cause discomfort that no one would like to have during the festival.

Additionally, these kinds of hard meals can harm your teeth, breaking or chipping them, necessitating emergency dental care. So choose softer meals whenever you can, and if you feel tempted by a harder snack, use caution and take small bites of it.

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Reduce Acidic Food Intake

Acidic foods are another abundant item that finds a place in Christmas meals. Fizzy drinks and acidic juices are normal to be served this time. Limit their intake, when possible, as the acid in them can erode the enamel that protects the surface of your teeth, making them more vulnerable to various oral health problems. Never make the mistake of brushing immediately after consuming such acidic foods and beverages, as this can weaken your enamel. Another tip is to drink these drinks using a straw to ensure minimum contact of acid with teeth. If possible, rinse your mouth with water to wash away the acid.

Moderate Alcohol Intake

It is always better not to consume alcohol at all. Since it is also acidic in nature, it can harm your teeth in the same way as acidic juices do. Additionally, it can also dry your mouth, decreasing saliva production, which increases bacterial activity, leading to severe oral health problems.

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