Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes? Here 6 Ways to Stay Active Without Hitting The Gym

Diabetic people need not go to gym to maintain their health. Here are some activities they can do to stay healthy.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalUpdated at: Nov 11, 2021 12:55 IST
Suffering From Type-2 Diabetes? Here 6 Ways to Stay Active Without Hitting The Gym

Some people get affected by blood sugar problems very early in their life whereas some people get it after 40 years of age. This can vary from person to person and it becomes hard for people to regulate their lifestyle changes to keep their type-2 diabetes under control. In most of the cases it happens that people those who are have desk job do not get enough time to hit the gym which brings down their physical activity levels to almost zero. Today we will discuss about some activities that can regulate your physical movement without going to gym.


6 Physical Activities for Type-2 Diabetic People without Going to Gym

It is possible to maintain your physical fitness and exercise without going to gym by a few methods. These methods do not hamper your work schedule and adjust in such a way you may not even get the feel of it. 

1. Take short walks during work breaks

First of all it is important to take short work breaks in between your work. This balance must be maintained especially for diabetic people suffering from type-2 diabetes. It is because people with type-2 diabetes actually may increase their blood sugar levels or heart problems if they do not move often. This slows down the metabolism because of which insulin resistance comes into play. Insulin resistance can be very harmful for diabetic people and hence it needs to be avoided.

2. Have lighter meals and keep moving from time to time

This is similar to walking in the break time. This point considers the importance of physical movement. It not only involves walking after meals but also doing hand movements, slow exercises for wrist, shoulders and back to keep them functioning properly. If you are at home, it is recommended to shift places from time to time. This boosts metabolism in diabetic people and it becomes easier for them to function.


3. Consider a Physical Hobby

It not always important to hit the gym to maintain good health, sometimes your hobby can also turn into a activity. During diabetes it is not only important to keep the physical movements in play but also keep a check on the mental health problems. Diabetes is also linked to mental health issue which can increase without any physical or mental work. If there is too much stress in the mind, then also it can cause complications of type-2 diabetes. Therefore it is better to take out time and indulge yourself in a physical hobby that could be beneficial for both your mental and physical health. It can include gardening, painting, playing a sport, travelling and more.

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4. Getting Out in the Garden

Gardening or spending time between plants is actually recommended by a lot of doctors and health experts. Gardening is beneficial for both your physical and mental health during of the person; it soothes the mind and also keeps your body active with plantations, putting seeds, nurturing plants, etc. Also apart from this there is a hidden benefit of gardening for Diabetic people. It is actually being under the sun, this is beneficial in the respect that you get vitamin-D which eases your health problems and boosts your health. It maintains your glucose levels in the body and keeps the bones and teeth healthy.


5. Try Exercise Videos

Working out does not mean hitting gym every time, it can be done by exercising through watching videos. Because of the busy schedule, it may not be possible for the person to go out or move to a proper gym for exercise. It is not even needed as in you do not need exercise to build your body or reduce weight. The function of exercise in type-2 diabetes is to boost metabolism and keeps diseases and health problems away from the body.

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6. Travelling or Hiking

Hiking is one of the most challenging physical exercises which make use of all the organs and muscles in the body. Travelling to places where you need to put your body through physical work can actually reduce symptoms of diabetes and keep your health parameters in check. It is always regarded as a healthy way to regulate your blood sugar levels and it prevent you from going to hypo condition.

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