5 Ways to Manage Leukaemia Fatigue

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Aug 27, 2012

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Ways to Manage Leukaemia FatigueIs leukaemia treatment troubling you with fatigue? Do you feel slumberous and lethargic for most part of the day? You must be in dire need of help to manage leukaemia fatigue. You’ve come to the right place. Read these tips to manage leukaemia fatigue or cancer fatigue.


  1. Be honest about how you feel— The foremost step to managing leukaemia fatigue is to be honest to yourself and your health care provider about your condition. Fatigue is among the common indicators that your doctor requires to know the existence of to decide on the duration of the treatment. If your leukaemia condition has made you a couch potato, don’t ever hide it from your doctor or you’ll end up causing severe problems to your health. Fatigue is the most common side-effect of leukaemia treatment; bringing it to the notice of your health care provider will help you get timely treatment and keep your energy levels high.[Read: Managing Leukemia Treatment Side-Effects]
  2. Get Vitamin Therapies— Leukaemia and its treatment deprive your body off all its vitamin stores leading to vitamin deficiency. To overcome this deficiency, adhere to healthy diets and vitamin supplements. Your oncologist will probably suggest various vitamin therapies or you may consult a nutritionist or holistic doctor to help you with any dietary modifications to reduce the side-effects of leukaemia treatment. If you have added vitamin supplements in your diet, let your oncologist know about it. Remember not to consume large doses of vitamins without the consent of your nutritionist or oncologist. Avoidance on your part may counter the side-effects of chemotherapy.
  3. Be regular with your exercise schedule— To battle with leukaemia fatigue, you may exercise for five days in a week. Fatigue caused by leukaemia may be cured by physical activity, but it doesn’t have to be rigorous. Exercising improves blood flow and releases toxins present in your body. Taking a walk in the morning or biking may help you feel better and boost your energy levels up.
  4. Know when to stop— You may workout for five days in a week, but don’t force your body to perform beyond its limit. Do not indulge in high-endurance activities. You may choose low-impact physical workouts, such as walking, riding a bike or swimming. This can efficiently manage your leukaemia fatigue while also keeping your energy levels high. Listen to your body to avoid the recurrence of chemotherapy complications.
  5. Stay away from refined foods— Eliminate all refined food items from your diet, such as white flour (maida) and white sugar. Choose items prepared with whole-grain flours over items made of refined flours. A holistic diet may turn out to be of great help in managing leukaemia fatigue.[Read: Diet for Leukaemia Patients]


Work closely with your oncologist and nutritionist to monitor your health and make the required modifications in your diet and routine.



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