Ways to Help your Baby Sleep through the Night

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Sep 12, 2011

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Sleep — or the lack of it is a common problem faced by parents with young children. Many parents complain of feeling tired and haggard due to waking repeatedly every night to soothe the baby back to sleep. It is important to teach the baby sleep through the night on his own, without being rocked,  breastfed, or using a bottle or pacifier for the baby to suck on. Here are some tips on ways to help your baby sleep through the night.


  • Put your baby to sleep on time: Put your baby to sleep at the same time every night.  Start preparing for it before actually putting your baby in the crib such as changing his clothes, or singing a lullaby for him. If your child likes music play a soft, soothing music in his room at bedtime. Also try waking him up by the time everyone is awake. This encourages your baby to sleep through the night---- when the rest of the family sleeps.
  • Try to make daytime naps shorter: Let your baby sleep in a well lit room and do not try to maintain pin drop silence while he is sleeping. This will help to make his daytime naps shorter which in turn may help your baby to sleep through the night.
  • Let him soothe himself to sleep: Encourage your baby to fall asleep independently in the crib rather than putting him in the crib when he is asleep. This way even if your baby gets up in the middle of the night he can soothe himself to sleep again. If he gets up in the night and cries wait for some time before going to pick him up. Allow him to fall asleep without your assistance---this way he can learn to go back to sleep himself. If needed keep a special blanket or toy in the crib which can help him soothe himself to sleep.
  • Make the crib comfortable: Make the baby’s crib comfortable for feeling of security and do not let your baby associate crib with sleeping separately.


All the babies have the ability to sleep through the night. You just have to devise your own strategy to help your baby sleep through the night. A good night’s sleep is refreshing not only for you but the baby as well.


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