5 Ways to get your child to study at home

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Apr 02, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • Teaching in a fun way can make your child learn many things.
  • Play mind games where a child can use his mind to solve it.
  • Take your child to zoo or museums.
  • You can play audio books to make him grasp it better.

Home is regarded as the first school of a child and parents are the first teachers. If you decide on teaching children at home, it requires a lot of understanding, patience and discipline.


teaching your child


An interesting way

Children are eager to learn new things. You just have to make the learning interesting. Play mind games such as puzzles where he can use his mind to solve it. This will help in his mental growth.


Play and learn

Play such games with him that are fun, and at the same time educate him. Children are very good listeners. Therefore, you can play audio books so that he can absorb the instructions or stories quickly. You can read the books aloud to make him grasp it better.

Decide on television timings

Children get addicted to television very quickly and addiction can get in the way of learning. It can bring down their interest in studies besides many other effects. A disciplined routine is necessary to keep them away from television and make them study. Make proper timings for their daily activities which should include some time to watch television. Do not allow to keep the television on while the child is studying as it can break his concentration.


Creative activities

Children get very curious about things they perceive. To assist their curiosity, assign them science projects, crafts, a library of books and encourage being familiar with similar items and activities of interest. This will help to develop their brain. Take your child to zoo, museums or even to the neighbourhood to make learning fun and a part of his day to day life.


how to teach children


With help of the internet

Internet is also one of the ways to make your child learn new things. A child can get an in-depth knowledge about a particular topic. This can enhance his interest and make him explore new ideas. You also need to make sure that his internet use is limited as its uncontrolled use can make them addicted to it.


Parents need to develop new interesting ideas to teach their child at home. They should neither be too strict nor too liberal while teaching them. Teaching in a fun way can make your child learn many things.


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