Watch Movies and Synchronise your Brains

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Apr 09, 2014

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movie synchronises brainWhen you watch a movie, your brain tends to react to this experience and reacts in a way in which other people’s brain does. This was pointed by researchers who succeeded in developing this method that will allow them to observe immediate changes in the function of the brain even while you are busy watching a movie.

It was possible for the researchers to investigate the function of the human brain in the experimental conditions that are close to natural by employing movies. Kaisu Lankinen from Aalto University in Finland said, "Viewing a movie creates multilevel changes in the brain function. Despite the complexity of the stimulus, the elicited brain activity patterns show remarkable similarities across different people - even at the time scale of fractions of seconds.”

It was revealed that the important similarities between the brain signals of all the different people when the movie was going on. The similar kinds of signals were found in the brain, those that are connected with the early stage processing of visual stimuli, detection of movement and persons, motor coordination and also cognitive functions.

Kaisu Lankinen also said, "The results imply that the contents of the movie affected certain brain functions of the subjects in a similar manner.”

The studies have so far based on the functional magnetic resonance imaging or fMRI. But now give the superior temporal resolution it would be very much possible that within milliseconds the magnetoencephalography (MEG) would be able to provide more complete picture of the fast brain processes.

The research was published in the NeuroImage journal.

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