Want To Know The Reason For Acne On Cheeks? Here's What Your Acne Says About Your Health

The location of acne of your body is linked to your health problems. Check out what your acne says about your health. Read more.

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Skin CareWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: Oct 13, 2020Updated at: Oct 13, 2020
Want To Know The Reason For Acne On Cheeks? Here's What Your Acne Says About Your Health

There are various skin problems that people fight each and everyday. For some there is a cure, while some are here to stay for a lifetime. Inspite the fact that there are millions of skin products out there, people still face issues like blemishes, dry patches, oily pores and acne. Acne has become very common and is experienced by almost every individual. It can cause irritation and itchiness on your skin, which is quite frustrating sometimes. Do you know what your acne is telling you? Well, every action has a reaction. Acne mostly occurs due to the activation of oily glands but there are other reasons too. According to science, acne on your forehead, cheeks, chin etc is caused by one of your inner system problems that demands treatment. The location or areas of your acne is influenced by your health issues. Further, you will get to know as to how acne indicates your health problems.



Acne that is located in the T-zone, which is the area between your eyebrows coming down to the nose and chin. This type is often caused by gastrointestinal imbalances or food allergens. In fact, acne on the nose is mostly due to the liver and kidney, which indicates high blood pressure or liver dysfunction. You need to fix the gastro issues and notice the pattern of you food allergies. Cleansing your kidneys and liver can also help with this area of acne.

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The reasons behind blemishes on your forehead are majorly stress and bad digestive system. If you have stomach issues and take a lot of tension, then there are higher chances of forehead focused acne. In this case, you should take proper sleep for atleast 7 hours a day, drink enough water and lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet. Avoid your hair or any hat falling over your forehead.



Cheeks are a very sensitive part of your face and breakouts on face and chin are because of your respiratory system and weak dental hygiene. The upper part is due to respiratory problems and lower area is due to poor dental cleaning. Keep your surroundings clean and maintain body hygiene.


Commonly, hormonal imbalances cause acne on your chin. You can concult your doctor to take medical treatment for hormonal issues.

Arms, thighs and back

Arms, back and thighs acne is also due to some hormonal changes and some hereditary problems too. Your skin can also get pimples by a certain type of cloth or body lotion. If not getting better, then you can take medical advice for this type of acne.

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Tips to treat acne

There are things that you can do to keep your skin clean and healthy. Below mentioned are some tips to treat your acne:

  • Drink enough water everyday
  • Moisturize with aloe vera
  • Eat fruits daily
  • Drink green tea twice a day
  • Reduce stress
  • Exercise everyday

This was the connection between the areas of acne and your health problems. Hence, if you feel that your pimples are not going away then try to figure out what's wrong with your body. Area focused acne should be identified and treated internally. Try some cures or medicines for your health issues and wait for desired results.

(Written by Navya Kharbanda)

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