Video Game May Help Keep Aging Brains Sharp

Older people who play video games to challenge their mental processing speed could delay the ageing of their minds.

LatestWritten by: everydayHealthPublished at: May 03, 2013
Video Game May Help Keep Aging Brains Sharp

Video Game May Help Keep Aging Brains SharpVideo games aren’t just fun, they are exercise for brain. Like adolescents and adults, elderly can also benefit from the video games. Researchers compared the thought-process benefits of crossword puzzles with a computer program, which was found to increase users' mental speed and agility. Researchers came to know of the remodeling of the brain which is taking place, but couldn’t figure out which parts of the brain are undergoing functional improvements.

Examining 681 healthy people aged 50 and up played a ‘Road Tour’ video game for at least 10 hours, in which one has to identify vehicles among an ever-faster array, were found to have gained three years of cognitive (mental skill) improvement in a year.

A group that received four additional hours of training with the game improved their thinking abilities by four years. In this manner, the right kind of training programs can help brush up thinking ability.



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