Urinary Incontinence in Men

The need to run to the toilet every now and then is caused because you have urinary incontinence. The problem can be treated if you are diagnosed early.

Arka Roy Chowdhury
Written by: Arka Roy ChowdhuryUpdated at: Feb 06, 2014 18:48 IST
Urinary Incontinence in Men

If you always want to let go of your body waste in the form of urine every now and then, and if at times urine leaks even before you have time to reach the toilet then you are suffering from a form of incontinence. Yes, it could be embarrassing.

Urinary incontinence is the accidental release of urine and is not exactly a disease. It is just a symptom of some underlying issue which is related to a man’s urinary tract. Urine in the human body is made by the kidneys and is stored in a sac which is made of muscles. This muscle is known as urinary bladder. Then there is a tube known as urethra that leads from the bladder through your prostrate and to the penis located outside of the body. When your bladder is filled with urine then the nerve signals tell your sphincter which is the tube made up of ring of muscles to stay squeezed shut as the bladder stays relaxed. Then again when you urinate the nerve signals tell the muscles of the bladder to squeeze. This then forces urine in the bladder to pass into the urethra. This co-ordination is absent in men with urinary incontinence.

urinary incontinence in men

What are the causes?

Therefore, we can say that for the urinary system to do its job, your body’s muscles must work together to hold the urine in the bladder and then release it on time. Also, the nerves are responsible in carrying the signals from the brain to the bladder and sphincter. Here are some possibilities for your urinary tract incontinence.

Nerve Problem

A disease, condition or an injury that is responsible for damaging nerves can also lead to urination problems and it can happen at any age. Men who have had diabetes for many years can also develop nerve damage that would eventually affect their bladder control. Some other reasons are:

•  Stroke
•  Parkinson’s disease
•  Multiple sclerosis
•  Overactive bladder

Prostate Problem

Male gland called prostate gland is the size and shape of a walnut and is surrounded by the urethra which is located below the bladder.

•  Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is a condition where in the prostate enlarges and also squeezes the urethra and affect the flow of urine.

•  Radical prostatectomy is also another cause for prostate problem. This is the removal of the entire prostate gland surgically is a treatment for prostate cancer. This may lead to erectile problems and urinary incontinence.

• External beam radiation is another treatment for prostate cancer and this could also lead to either temporary or even permanent bladder problems.

urinary incontinence in men


The symptoms of urinary incontinence are as follows:

•  The frequency of urination is more than what it usually is. You will urinate eight or more times in a day and two or more times at night.

•  The urgency to urinate is sudden, and pretty strong.

•  You will experience urine leakage that would be then followed by a string urge to urinate.

There is no single treatment for urinary incontinence and much of this treatment would depend on the type and also the severity of the problem, including lifestyle and preferences. You can regain control by changing few of your lifestyle habits and also by doing exercises that would strengthen your muscle.

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