Unsatisfactory Job can Trigger Back Pain

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Apr 25, 2012

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Unsatisfactory Job can Trigger Back Pain

'If you are unhappy with your work, you are at risk of back pain', says researchers of University of Western Australia. Their assessment implied that individuals not satisfied with their jobs were the ones suffering from serious, acute or persistent lower back pain. Pain in back wasn’t observed in happy group of subjects, because of which researchers became more certain for the notion 'person’s feelings leads to physical pain'.

In all, 315 patients were assessed in first phase of non-specific back pain. Examining them included questions about their attitude at workplace. 33 percent of the individuals that developed backache were the ones affected in their career and social lives too. Only few of the affected required leaves to get condition treated or suffered slipped disc. Later, anatomical tests of rest workers implied that there was no physical reason for back pain to occur.

Professor Markus Melloh, heading the study panel, commented, “Everybody has occasional lower back or neck pain but we are concerned about people with continuous non-specific pain for weeks at a time, which has significant socio-economic and personal costs. Positive thinking would make people better. If they get occasional back pain and say ‘that’s life’, there is more chance it will go away by itself.”

He suggested that everyone always have an option to lead a better working life, which is quite achievable by changing their job design. By altering job design or by switching over onto another job might help them regain positivity and better health condition. Individuals having somebody to listen to and to discuss emotional matters at are more likely to have satisfactory jobs.

In this manner, attitude at workplace and positive thinking were related to lower back pain. As per Australian researchers, there are great chances of correcting the condition of back pain with a positive attitude or having a say in altering job design or current role.



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