Unravel a Calmer, More Focussed You with Digital Detox

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Oct 16, 2017
Quick Bites

  • Digital detox involves breaking free of constant digital connectivity
  • Whenever you have a free day, switch off all your digital gadgets
  • Use this time to do things you miss out on due to preoccupation
  • You will return to the digital world with rejuvenated spirit

Is there anyone today who switches off their mobile phones and computers for 24 hours? We are sure not many hands will go up. If you can’t remember when you actually switched off your gadgets for 24 hours last time, a digital detox is what you need.

If you want to stay productive and balanced in a wired world, digital detox is a great way. Digital world constantly demands our attention every day and we don’t let ourselves recharge and reboot. This makes us quickly burn out and become inefficient.

With digital detox, we can spend time on things and people who matter to us and when we get back to our desks, we’re focussed again and ready to work with full zeal. If you have got some free time ahead and you would like to use it to rejuvenate yourself, just spend a few minutes reading this post; you will be all thanks to your stars for getting to know about digital detox.

What, actually, is Digital Detox?

Switching off your cell phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers for a certain length of time is known as digital detox. Doing this enables you to spend some screen-free time so you can actually enjoy what you love doing. The minimum time you need to do a digital detox is to switch off your tech things for at least 24 hours. You can stretch it up to 72 hours or more if you want to build up to that.

All you need to do is press the off button on your digital devices. Believe us, when you will actually set out to do it, this simple thing would feel surprisingly difficult to do because we are so used to being constantly connected.

Motivation for Digital Detox

To detox digitally, you will have to remind yourself about your purpose of doing it. Your reason could be to go to the opposite way in an increasingly connected world, or to recharge your batteries, or to want valuable thinking time, or to spend quality time with people who matter to you. To each his own.

Planning Your Digital Detox

Time: When you have decided upon detoxifying digitally, you will have to choose a realistic time when you can switch off for 24 hours or more. Weekend and holidays are great times to do it. If you’ll forget about it, write it in your scheduler and plan the coming weekend for a digital detox. Tell whoever needs to know that you will be off your email and calls for the specified time duration.

Plans: So what will you do while your digital detox? Anything and everything you love doing. Go for a trip with your family, play your favourite sport, cook, walk, pick up a neglected hobby, explore new places, or just lay and read. A trip to nature is a great idea to unwind.

Digital Detox

Logging Off: As soon as you switch off, uneasiness might grip you and you might strongly feel the urge to check your phone or computer. Just wait for the feeling to pass. Once you start with the activities you had planned for this logged off time, you will forget about checking up on your gadgets.

Logging On: You might feel overwhelmed once you return to the digital world. A bombard of information and demands might seem too much. That’s when the perspective you have gained will come in handy. You will have to redefine the tasks as urgent, important, and junk. Unsubscribe to any email lists you no longer need. Try new behaviours, such as checking email or social media less frequently.

A one-off digital detox isn’t good enough because recharging our batteries just once all year can’t serve our purpose. So plan your next digital detox, and see if you can go further this time.

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