Unemployment triggers Heart Attack Risk

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Dec 10, 2012

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Unemployment triggers Heart Attack Risk


A new study has linked unemployment with higher chances of heart ailments. The study has suggested that people who lose their jobs successively are more likely to experience a heart attack when opposed to their employed peers.

The findings of the study were made on 13, 451 adults, who were interviewed about their health, lifestyle and events such as relationship life or employment status every year for the total period of 12 years. The participants were around 55 years old when the study started and almost 60 per cent of them were obese or overweight. On average, one out of seven was unemployed. During the period of the study, almost eight per cent of the participants had a heart attack.

Though there is no clear evidence for showing that unemployment is the direct cause of heart attacks, but it has been assumed that stress related to unemployment, worsening lifestyle and lack of health insurance can lead to increased risk of heart attacks.


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The lead researcher of the study, Matthew Dupre from the Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, North Carolina said that due to loss of job, an individual may find it hard to control his blood pressure and diabetes despite of taking his usual medications. Moreover, there can be over indulgence in smoking.


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