Types of Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills are natural phenomenon to some while other need to develop these to raise their children. Know about parenting methods, its significance and types.

Himanshu Sharma
Tips for ParentWritten by: Himanshu SharmaPublished at: Feb 22, 2012
Types of Parenting Skills

Parenting skills are significantly important to ascertain development of a young one. Moreover, it is the responsibility of parents to teach their children basic etiquettes, values and traditions. Parenting skills do not come easy for some, which have to develop these by working hard. So, one can learn behaviours and skills for good parenting.

Child psychologists have agreed to categorize parenting in three different styles, namely authoritarian, permissive and authoritative. Among these three, no specific style is ideal, nor is it used by parents exclusively. However, parents follow one of these three philosophies while raising their child.

Neglectful parenting is another parenting style, in which parents do not offer parental support. Neglectful parents are those who don’t intervene in any of the activities of child, be it academics or behaviour. Therefore, lack of parental support means children have to parent themselves.

1.    Permissive

In permissive parenting, parents leave decision making authority on children, but with their consent. These parents want active participation of children in decisions related to their issues and encourage them to be as creative and spontaneous as possible. The parenting type is often confused with authoritative parents, but the distinction between the two is parents using reasoning instead of awarding authority to children. Parenting type is often criticised for impulse control and developing immature behaviour among children. Not recommended for rebellious or aggressive children, the parenting style suits best for children who are withdrawn or anxious.

2.    Authoritarian

Parents believing in structure are authoritarian parents, although not abusive. They demand discipline and may not ask for children for opinion in matters. The parenting style is suited for children who need to build self-esteem and require authority to guide them. Therefore, parenting type is recommended for children with behavioral problems.

3.    Authoritative

Authoritative parenting has been considered the best ways to raise children, as it develops sense of independence and self-sufficiency in them. In this style, the decision-making rests with children, although expectations are high. Ones who follow this parenting style work responsively with children, listening to their issues and communicating with them on a regular basis. Moreover, they keep double-check on children to correct unacceptable behaviors and exercise discipline. The parenting style fits well on average child who is neither shy, nor aggressive.



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