What is Good Parenting?

Good parenting is the right upbringing of your child. It helps in building the personality of your child and prepares him or her for challenging situations of life.

Gunjan Rastogi
Tips for ParentWritten by: Gunjan RastogiPublished at: Feb 09, 2012
What is Good Parenting?

Good parenting not only means spending sleepless nights with a crying baby or hours in helping kids to complete their homework but also about providing them a warm, safe home, best education and a platform to help them grow as individuals. It is about teaching your children different values such as helping others, respecting others and sharing. Good parenting requires you to teach them the distinction between right and wrong. Good parenting helps children build self-respect and view everything with a positive eye. Good parenting does not mean bounding your children with rules and regulations; it involves teaching them the right behaviour for different occasions in life.

For good parenting, you need to encourage your kids from time to time so that they know how to behave in public and deal with difficult situations.  In the beginning, your children will find it hard to learn all the lessons; they will misbehave or show unhappiness or frustration, but you have to keep your calm and handle them with utmost care and love. Make your children feel secured, valued and loved.  For good parenting, read the following tips:

•    For culminating good habits, sit with them and talk about the importance of good behaviour. Involve them in activities such as tiding up the home and putting things on the right places. Do not push your children to do things instead give brief and positive instructions.

•    Praise the kids a little to get them to help you more. Always let them know that you are pleased with their right action or behaviour. Motivate them and praise them upon every achievement. Give them a hug or a kiss to tell them how good they are. Small gifts can encourage them even more!

•    To develop discipline in your children, make a timetable for their routine activities. Sticking to that timetable will teach them the significance of time. Timetables are an effective way of teaching punctuality to children.

•    Expect your children to progress in small steps; never load them with expectations or demands. Instead of punishments, talk to them about their mistake and let them correct it on their own. This will develop self-reliance, which is the main component for self-esteem.

•    Spend quality time with your children. For instance, on weekends, you can take them for picnic, treat them with a burger or pizza or play with them. Ask your children about their day and discuss their interests. Children, who regularly get quality time with their parents, do not act out of their parents’ wishes. Spending quality time with your kids will prevent them from developing stress or depression in difficult situations.

Understand the attitude and aptitude of your children and act accordingly. With the given parenting tips, you can strengthen your bond with your kids. Good parenting helps in bringing out the best in yourself and your children.


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