Pain In Finger Nails? Beware of These 6 Types Of Nail Problems

Pain in your finger nails can be a sign of serious nail problem. Know the types of nail problems and their immediate solutions.

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Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Aug 15, 2021Updated at: Aug 15, 2021
Pain In Finger Nails? Beware of These 6 Types Of Nail Problems

We often encounter with stomach pain, headache, neck pain etc. But sometimes we have pain in our fingers especially finger tips when we hold something or finger gets pressed. This can be due to several reasons and thus it is important to know about it. Pain in your fingers, nails and on finger tips can be a sign of some serious problem which might affect your hands and health. Therefore it is important to know about the types of problems which can lead to pain in fingers nails or injury. Let us discuss about the possible causes and tips to cure it with help of Dr. Bhawna Wadhwa, Senior Consultant, Dermatology from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow. 

6 Types of Problems In Finger Nails

1. Cracked Nails

This can be painful situation, cracked nails happen when the skin is torn or cracked from the ends or from inside the nails. This can especially be irritating and unbearable when touched or pressed. In most cases, the skin occurs again in a few days and nail regenerates itself over that spot. But in the meantime you can do these things to increase healing speed.


  • Remove any nail that creates or comes in contact with your finger or exposed part.
  • Soak the nail in cool water for healing
  • Use antibiotic ointment to prevent any type of infection
  • Cover the area with bandage for healing

2. Ingrown Fingernails

As the name suggests, you can have ingrown fingernails if you clip or bite your nails very often. This condition is common among people; it increases the risk of nail injury and fungal infection. This condition can be painful if the nails are clipped more than necessary and any pressure is applied on it. If you have this condition, you may have pain, tenderness, bleeding or swelling in nails.

You can treat this condition by doing the following-

  • Soaking your hands in warm water twice a day
  • Apply antibiotic on the nails and skin nearby
  • Wearing a bandage till the nails are grown and pain becomes less
  • Insert a small piece of cotton under the nail for reducing pain

3. Nail Fungus

If you have nail fungus, then you seriously need to give attention to your personal hygiene. Nail fungus is caused because of moist environment and dirt. In this condition your nail may lose its colour and become pale. It may also start getting thick or thin which means the pain will also increase over time. However in this condition pain only occurs when the nails are pressed.


  • You need to get antifungal medicine for your nails with doctor’s advice
  • Apply some tea tree oil or vapour rub to improve this condition
  • Consult a doctor if you have any such symptoms.

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4. Hematoma

This is a nail injury which occurs when something heavy falls on the fingers or it gets pressed between objects. After the impact that crushes your fingers, it causes blood and other fluids to build up inside the nails. Hematoma looks like a bruise under the skin of your nails. Because of this condition your nails will turn purple brown or black and cause terrible pain for few days, especially if comes in contact with any other thing.

For this you need to show a doctor, but in the meanwhile you can-

  • Rest your finger
  • Apply cold compress
  • Elevate your fingers
  • Gently press the nails and reduce bleeding
  • Taking pain medication if necessary


5. Paronychia

Paronychia is a swelling that happens around your finger nails and toe nails. This condition can cause redness and pain. This is a very general condition and could happen to anyone. Paronychia happens because of a cut near a nail which grows into swelling if you leave it wet or in cold for few days. This problem can be treated from your home by doing the following-

  • Soak the affected fingernail in warm water for around 20-30 minutes.
  • Keep your hands dry and warm for as much time as possible
  • Apply antibacterial to avoid further infection

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6. Subungal Tumours

This is a rare condition that occurs in the finger nails but is very severe. Subungal tumours happen as nodules under the nail on the skin. This condition cause terrible pain and can be unbearable if touched or pressed. These tumours may be malignant which needs to proper attention and medical care. Do not try to treat this at home and consult a specialist immediately.

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