Tricky ways to deal with your rude girlfriend

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May 09, 2016
Quick Bites

  • Know whether she still loves you or not.
  • You should not Apologize always and especially when you are not at fault.
  • Value yourself in a relationship, do not let anyone belittle you.
  • Take charge and draw a line.

Yesterday I was sitting in a restaurant and there I saw a guy literally getting scolded. I know the story of that table but then I overheard a few people. As per some women, the guy was at the fault and got what he deserved. I wasn’t mad at the women, who blamed the guy who was doing nothing but getting humiliated and scolded in public.

I know the stereotypical reasoning of people. All of us have a common notion that a guy at receiving end is a guy at fault but it isn’t the truth always. I was in a relationship, I liked the girl very much and I believe she too was into me. We got along very well, I mean way too well. It seemed too good to be true. And then one day, I woke up from the dream that I was living all these days with her.

I proposed her and she said yes but I did not want to hide anything from her so I decided to tell her about my ex. At first she seemed quite alright about it but then she started acting weird. And from then, she started bringing up my ex, in whatever conversation she could. I apologized for hiding about my past but then her attitude suddenly became overbearing. She would shout at me in public, start fighting over anything and the nucleus of all the fights would be my “lie”.


rude girlfriend


I knew that I lied and never told her about my ex but I think I told her just in time. No matter how much I apologized, how much I tried to justify, my words would fall deaf on her ears.
The girl that I met was no more there, she was just one rude, eternally cranky and always ready to fight girlfriend and I was suffering.

Then a point came, where it was way too difficult for me to bear her. I wanted to call it off but right when I was about to call it off, a friend of mine came ahead to save me and my relationship. And god, I was relieved after I went by his tips to deal with rude girlfriend.

If you too are going through the same things, do try these tips to deal with your rude girlfriend.



Know whether she still loves you or not

Try and know whether she is still into you or not. It so happens that people get over their lovers and then there is no love or no respect left, just fights that often take a nasty turn. A relationship dies when respect and value dies.



Be a man and take charge

Well, we are not asking you to hit her to prove your bravery. Whenever she starts shouting in public, make her realize that washing dirty linen in public is of no use and will only make things worse. You must instantly show your disapproval for the raised voice, Go ahead and tell your rude girlfriend to lower down the volume in a very stern way. Draw a line and tell her that this attitude isn’t acceptable. Not your fault, nobody likes a disrespectful girlfriend or boyfriend.



Apologies always don’t work

Know when it is your fault. Your apologies won’t be of any use if you are not at fault. Please, note this thing down that you are not supposed to apologize for no reason.



Value yourself

Respect yourself, value yourself and then maybe you will be able to stand against what’s wrong. Yes, not respecting yourself is also wrong.

People walk in and walk out of toxic relationships every day. You just need to know the right time.


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