Treatment for Scalp Psoriasis

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Feb 09, 2012

Diagnosed with scalp psoriasis? Then you must gather as much information about its timely treatment and as much about the disease too.

Scalp Psoriasis is a disease that indicates the development of plaques on the scalp that are itchy and dry. In the beginning, it persists within the hairline area and later on spreads on to the face and the ear region. In such cases, effective treatment for scalp psoriasis takes time.


  • Treating scalp psoriasis is a very lengthy process. Usually it is cured over a period of four to five years. In the process many people also experience hairfall. Many certified medical practitioners provide ultraviolet ray treatment in the affected areas as applying medication on the scalp becomes problematic due to the interference of the hair strands. Exposing hair to early sunlight results in some relief and is one of the most popular treatments for treating scalp psoriasis.
  • For scalp plaques that are thick and flaking, usage of medicated shampoos prescribed by the medical practitioner is the best way to treat it. However, you must not stop the treatment on your own if you see some improvements. Consult your doctor and ask for the duration of the treatment. Usually these shampoos are to be applied on the scalp and left on for 15—20 minutes thereafter rinsing it off with a mild shampoo.
  • Patients who are suffering from extreme psoriasis and have been asked to apply medications overnight, they must tie a scarf around their head so that the stink does not bother you and the medication does not rub off on the pillow.
  • If you have long hair and have been suffering from scalp psoriasis, do not hesitate to chop those long locks off. This is to keep the application of medication much easier for easy penetration into the scalp.
  • Except in extreme cases of the disease, avoid using cortisones and other related steroids. Even the ones prescribed by the doctor are mild ones that do not damage the skin much. Stronger doses of cortisones have some serious side effects leading to drastic hair loss, thinning of the skin and growth of spider veins on the scalp. It s also suggested that you do not indulge in self-medication. Some patients increase the dose intake seeing the improvement thinking that it would lead to speedy recovery. This will backfire.Have vitamin D3 twice a day. This is the most natural cure of scalp psoriasis having no side effects. Externally applied, vitamin D3 does cause slight irritation and burning sensation on its application. This is normal. One must understand that vitamin D3 does not work as fast as steroids would but is a more effective and a long lasting treatment for scalp psoriasis. D3 will also stop it from reoccurring,

Other treatments such as applying urea and coal tar are also effective and can be tried under the guidance of the doctor. There are numerous remedies and it is better that you do not worry about it much!


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