Top 5 Free Apps that Help You Pack on the Pounds

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Apr 07, 2014
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  • Smart apps help you make your daily routine and weight gain plan.
  • The Gaining Weight Diet helps you make the menu plan day-by-day.
  • Gain Weight Guide educates you on the basics of weight gain.
  • Daily Challenge helps transform small actions to achieve your health goal.

Most people are focused on weight loss and dieting, but there are others who are struggling with low-body weight and are looking to gain weight. You may not realise that gaining a few pounds can be a difficult task. Gaining weight doesn't have to be difficult; certain apps can help you add weight in no time. These apps shed light on foods that you need to incorporate into your diet, changes you need to make to your daily routine and how to stick to your weight gain plan in order to pack on pounds.

If you're eyeing weight gain, you should take a look at the following free apps that help you add pounds to your body.


Gaining Weight Diet

gaining weight diet app

The Gaining Weight Diet app gives you all the information on what you need to eat to gain weight. It helps you make the menu plan day-by-day, and there are options such as- vegetarian, food allergies, foods that you dislike, expected diet start and finish dates. The app gives you healthy food combinations. For example – when you eat fat foods, you should combine them with veggies. Features such as recipes, food combinations shopping lists and reminders make this app different from others in its category.




The iFitness app keeps track of your calories and daily weight. You can use the app to keep watch on calories consumed and calories burned. The app has a large list of exercises that you can choose from in order to build muscle and gain weight. The app also gives you the routines for various sports and muscle workouts.


How to Gain Weight

how to gain weight app

If you are skinny and wish to gain weight fast, this app is what you are looking for. The app gives you a plan to gain a healthy weight with an effective weight training program. The sections such as top 5 tips for girls to gain weight, tips to gain weight for men, top 10 weight gain tips, weight gain food list, 10 foods to gain weight and tips for kids to gain weight will keep you on course with your weight gain goal.




Gain Weight Guide

We all know the basics of weight gain, eat more calories than your body burns off, but not many can do it easily. This app gives you all the know-how of weight gain, from absorption of more nutrients from the food, increasing the level of certain hormones and increasing the muscle mass. Moreover, the app also warns you against foods that contain empty, totally nutritionless calories.


Daily Challenge

daily challenge app


The Daily Challenge app gives you a challenge every day, with notifications that start at 7 a.m. in the morning. Some challenges are fitness-focused, while others are for weight-management. The app helps transform small, everyday actions to achieve a bigger health goal.




Most of us carry smartphones all day long, but a very few realise that the mantra to their fitness lies in their pocket. Smartphone apps are great tools for monitoring your fitness, weight goals and making healthy choices.


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