6 Tips To Tackle Post Surgical Pain

Post surgical pain can be very discomforting, here are some tips by expert that can help to elevate your pain.

Puru Bansal
Written by: Puru BansalPublished at: Mar 06, 2022Updated at: Mar 06, 2022
6 Tips To Tackle Post Surgical Pain

Surgery is a big step in anyone’s life. Surgical procedures are considered dangerous even though they are not so in most cases. Nowadays, technology is advancing which has helped the surgical processes to be more common and less fatal. However surgery is still considered as the last option for treating multiple diseases because of which people get anxious about surgical treatments. More importantly, the pain after a surgery can be very discomforting and can be severe in many cases. You need to understand some practical tips that can help you to stay ahead of the surgical pain.

Tips to Tackle Post Surgical Pain

Dr. Sumeet Nigam, General Physician from Sahara Hospital, Lucknow gave some tips to tackle post surgical pain in adults. These are necessary precautions that you need to take while controlling and tackling your pain. 

1. Take Medicine before Pain Starts

When you get post surgery, take a painkiller before the pain gets severe of affects you adversely. Getting ahead of the pain is necessary in this process because otherwise it can cause severe discomfort for another few hours which might be intolerable. Pain killers should be taken by doctor’s advice and you need to give time for the medicine to get absorbed in your body to impact positively. Do not overdo the medicine as it may cause side-effects.


2. Get Enough Sleep

Sleep is one of the best ways to control and tackle your pain. This is because when you sleep your functions increase their ability to tackle pain and it increases the healing process. Reducing pain can actually speed up healing and reduce pain in your body. Proper sleep can be effective in most of the post-surgical process except for insomnia. You need to take medicines if you are having insomnia post surgery.

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3. Increase your Physical Activity

Many doctors recommend starting moving and gradually starting doing your regular chores. This is because physical activity can increase the muscle functions and boost your healthy cell production. If you do not put stress on your physical activity post surgery, then you may have more pain because it makes it difficult for the body to recover from increased pain levels. Feeling better and doing some regular physical activities gives a sense of invitation for nervous response to perform functions normally as before.


4. Brace your surgery site

The least you can do in most of the post surgical pain is to brace the surgical incision. This means to hold or press the incision or the site where the surgery has been performed. Consult a doctor before doing so and do not overdo it. Bracing the surgical point when you stand or sit in a particular position can reduce pressure on the body which might otherwise increase your pain. This might cause sneezing, coughing or problems attaining a posture. Minimizing the stress can reduce your pain and chances of complications as well.

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5. Manage your stress levels

You might be thinking how stress is related to post surgical pain but it does have an impact. Stress can decrease the levels of hormones that produce immunity in your body which can elevate you pain. Stress is the enemy of recovery and does not let pain go away. Hence it is important to deviate yourself and think about something else rather than putting any kind of physical or emotional stress on your body. 


Try to avoid situations and conversations that might increase your stress. Post surgery pain can be reduced if you take care of these small factors and techniques. Deep breathing and relaxation exercises can be beneficial in tackling post surgical pain.

6. Avoid Aggravating Factors

Do not get involved in stupid things which mean to increase your pain. You must have heard about the aggravating factors that might prove to be problematic such as lifting heavy objects after pain, trying to gain some extra benefits, etc. Doctors recommend not getting involved in any activity that could increase your post surgical pain. The policy of “no gain, no pain” does not work in medical procedures, hence do not do anything against doctor’s will during recovery period.

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