9 Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Motion sickness is a health condition caused by movements that can lead to dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritability, short breath,etc.

Sushmita Sharma
Written by: Sushmita SharmaUpdated at: Jan 21, 2023 18:30 IST
9 Tips To Prevent Motion Sickness

Many people face motion sickness, which makes travel difficult and uncomfortable for them. Motion sickness is a health condition caused by movements that can lead to dizziness, headaches, nausea, vomiting, irritability, short breath, sweating, etc. It can occur in any mode of transportation, such as car, ship, aeroplane or train and is common in older adults, pregnant women, children, and in people with migraines. However, it can be prevented and treated by following some measures. Keep reading to learn nine tips that can help you treat motion sickness.

9 Tips To Treat Motion Sickness

Sit In The Direction You Are Moving

You should sit in the direction the vehicle is moving to avoid motion sickness. It is better to sit in the front seat of a car, the midpoint of a boat, the front edge of a wing in an aeroplane, and the window seat facing the moving direction in trains to prevent motion sickness. 

Allow Passage For Air

You should get enough air while travelling to avoid motion sickness. Try opening a window when you feel uneasy, or use the air conditioner to allow air to pass through.

Avoid Reading

You should avoid reading if you are someone who experiences motion sickness. Instead, look outside or at distant objects to prevent motion sickness. Moreover, refrain from using phones or laptops as they can cause a sensory disconnect that exists between the eyes and the inner ear.

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Plan Your Meal

You should not eat heavy meals before or during travel to prevent motion sickness. Instead, eat light meals and avoid spicy and acidic foods while travelling. You can also pack your own food like bread, cereal, apples, bananas, and other grains to eat during your trip. 

Drink Water

You should drink enough water and avoid consuming alcohol and caffeine to prevent motion sickness. Alcohol and caffeine can lead to dehydration which can worsen your health condition.

No Smoking

You should avoid smoking and not sit near someone who is smoking to prevent the chances of getting motion sickness. 

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Listen To Music

Try distracting yourself by listening to music or talking to people while travelling. This can make your travel enjoyable and also prevent vomiting. 


There are many medicines available in the market which you can take before travelling to prevent motion sickness. Ask your doctor to prescribe you medications for treating motion sickness. 

Natural Remedies

You can try some natural remedies to treat your motion sickness. You can try chewing ginger or drinking herbal teas to get relief. 


Motion sickness does not lead to severe complications; however, it can make your travel unpleasant. Therefore, it is better to lie down and close your eyes when you feel sick and not stare at the seat in front of you. Try to sleep if you can and stay hydrated throughout your travel. Focus on distant or stationary objects while travelling and avoid reading or working on your mobile or computer screens to prevent motion sickness. Consult with your doctor and take medications for treating motion sickness.