Tips to manage finances in a relationship

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Mar 21, 2017
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  • Money matters can turn nasty in a moment.
  • Managing finance is important.
  • Fighting over money looks petty, you should better avoid it.

Who says only cheating and lack of compatibility breaks a relationship, sometimes it is the money that becomes the factor of separation between two lovers. Yes, money can turn things nasty and sore, if not taken care of properly. Indeed finances are something that should be taken care of before things get out of your hands.


Finance manage


Many couple mess things up just because of unmanaged finances. In early stages of relationship lovers overlook the finance part while they would not even know and their messed up finances will ruin things. Taking care of bills, savings and expenses is another part that you need to take care of in a relationship for long term happiness and harmony.

When you newly get into a relationship, you don’t pay much attention to the money you are spending on the other person, into the dates, gifts, vacations and many more other things but soon, shortage of money or fiscal emergencies make you realise your mistake. It is better not to commit such mistakes in the very first place.

Here are some tips on how you can manage your finances in a relationship.


Split wherever possible

Whenever and wherever you can, split the bill, pay the half amount. There is a very bad and somewhat clichéd habit between couples, where only guys pay for something while it is not right and not fair at all. If you are going out on a date, eating out, or if you are living together, split the bill and expenses. If your partner is not letting you pay, make him understand that sharing the expenses is a sensible move. Make it a habit of splitting the bill and all the expenditures.
In case you learn less than your partner, keep your finances under control. Pool in all your money and decide monthly expenses, this way the expenses will be more though out.


Don’t have to go lavish

People have a habit of spending more, just to impress their partners like taking them to fine dining, just because they think it will impress their partners better but when you are in a real relationship, you don’t really have to burn a hole in your pocket to impress your partner.
When spending, be a bit more considerate. Do take your partner’s verdict in it but do spend thoughtfully. This sort of wasteful spending later on causes problematic situations. Be smart while spending.


Save for the rainy days

The worst mistake we make is not saving for rainy days. Couples make the mistake of spending blindly. They go out on vacations, they shower each other with gifts, eat out every other day without giving much thought to money. This only creates petty fights over money in later stages of relationship. It is wise to save for rainy days and watch the expenditure.


Be on a budget

Even when you have money, set a budget. Don’t go berserk with spending. Mostly couples spend mindlessly when they have money, but this makes them run out of money soon. Set a budget for the entire month and make sure you take out money to save first. Yes, think of saving first and then rest of the expenditures come.



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