6 Tips To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Maintaining your kidney health is important for many bodily functions. Here are some useful tips that can keep them healthy. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Sep 13, 2022Updated at: Sep 13, 2022
6 Tips To Keep Your Kidney Healthy

Kidneys play a major role in maintaining many bodily functions and overall health. The organ is responsible for flushing out waste materials, excess water, and other impure matter from your bloodstream. These waste products get collected in your bladder and then pass through your urine. Moreover, your kidneys keep the pH, salt, and potassium levels balanced in the body. They also help in producing hormones that balance blood pressure and restrict the production of red blood cells. Maintaining kidney health is essential to maintain your overall health. There are several lifestyle changes that one can make to prevent kidney-related problems. Read the article further to know about useful tips to keep your kidneys healthy. 

Tips to keep kidneys healthy

Here are six tips to keep your kidneys healthy

1. Drink plenty of fluids

Kidneys function well if you are drinking plenty of fluids everyday. Not just water, but having other nutritional beverages such as coconut water and fresh fruit juices can also help in keeping your kidneys healthy. Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily can help in keeping the body hydrated, and flush out sodium and toxins from your body.

2. Exercise regularly

Regular exercise can reduce your belly fat and the risk of kidney disease. It helps in lowering the blood pressure levels, which is essential to prevent kidney damage. Even walking and running are great for your kidneys. Keep your body active and aim on exercising for at least 30 to 40 minutes daily. 

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3. Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking causes damage to the blood vessels of your body. This can result in the slowing down of blood flow in your body, including your kidneys. Smoking can also put the kidneys at a higher risk of cancer. It is advised to avoid smoking to lower the risk of kidney cancer. In addition, drinking alcohol excessively can lead to sudden and severe damage. It can even result in long-term issues. Alcohol can make your body dehydrated, which can affect the functioning of your kidneys and eventually lead to weight gain, liver problems, high blood pressure, and other health conditions that put more pressure on them.

4. Eat a healthy diet

Along with regular exercise, eating a healthy diet is also beneficial for maintaining kidney health. Maintaining an optimum weight can help in lowering the risk of kidney disease, thus controlling poor eating habits is an effective way. A healthy and balanced diet for your kidneys is one that's low on sodium and processed meats, and aims on consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables. 

tips to maintain kidney health

5. Watch your salt intake

Salt is an essential mineral that affects your body in different ways. In some cases, it can increase the amount of protein in your urine, which can prove to be harmful for your kidneys or worsen the condition of kidney disease if you already have it. Consuming too much salt also increases the risk of high blood pressure, a major cause of kidney disease, and stones, which can be extremely painful. Therefore, watch your salt intake and consume less amounts. 

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6. Regular screening

A regular screening of your kidney function is a good way to keep a check on your kidney health and any abnormal changes. You can easily get ahead of any damage to slow or prevent further damage. It is even more important to take regular kidney function tests if you are at a higher risk of kidney disease.