Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask? Here Are A Few Tips To Freshen Up

Proper brushing technique: You are aware of the fact that is efficiently brushing of teeth will aid in whisking away odours. 

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Aug 01, 2020
Bad Breath Under Your Face Mask? Here Are A Few Tips To Freshen Up

The unanticipated pandemic has engulfed the entire world today. The good news is that wearing a face mask will facilitate you and others to be safe while you step out of your homes, the bad news is that some of you have now begun to comprehend that you suffer from halitosis or bad breath problems. In the current pandemic times, one thing that we cannot afford to miss out on is stepping out without wearing a face mask. Hence, due to always putting on the mask, we are often mugged by an unpleasant odour which is nothing but your bad breath. Although it must have gone unnoticed in the past, now that your snuffle is smacking you in the face, the smell is sure ought to be hard to let go off.

What exactly causes bad breath?

Bad breath is a result of reduced saliva production, poor dental hygiene, dryness of mouth, and consumption of diets rich in sugar and high acidic edibles. In each of the cases as mentioned earlier, pathogenic germs are generated at an alarming rate, thus giving rise to a foul odour within the mouth. During the day, we tend to wash away harmful microorganisms in our mouth every time we drink or consume something or post brushing our teeth. But we fail to do the same when we sleep; hence the bacteria present in our mouth tend to bourgeon, and we wake up with morning breath. Now that you are also compelled to smell your breath under your mask, the only question that ponders our minds is how we can combat this problem?

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Below mentioned are some tips which will aid you in fighting bad breath as well as will facilitate in upholding a healthy mouth regularly:

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  • Stay hydrated: Make the most of the lockdown phase by ensuring that you are drinking an adequate amount of water about 6 to 8-ounce glasses on an everyday basis to get rid of mouth dryness. If you have been taking medications that are causing you to have dry mouth, and you can always consult with your dental expert who can recommend an over-the-counter saliva substitute. Cavities, plaque, calculus and bleeding gums are the primary reasons for bad breath that will persist despite doing all of the above.

  • Eliminate excessive sugar or highly acidic foods from your diet: While work from home seems to be the new normal in the present times; most of us tend to resort to binge eating. Drinking excessive tea or coffee or juices high in sugar while completing your presentation can wreak havoc to your enamels and can contribute to foul breath. This is because the germs present in your mouth tends to feed off of high-sugar or acidic edibles, leaving behind a strong smell. Removing these from your daily diet or just cutting back and brushing your enamels post eating them may facilitate majorly. 
  • Quit smoking and intake of tobacco products: Tobacco products tend to worsen your health in many ways than one unfavourably. It may give rise to grave issues like cancer, gum damage, staining your enamels, and contributing to bad breath. This isolation phase might be an exceptional time to let go of your smoking habit.
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Conclusion: If you practice good dental hygiene, bad breath will no longer be an unpleasant experience amidst the other prevailing hostile conditions due to the crisis. If you witness that your bad breath does not seem to fade away with exceptional oral hygiene, and you must contact your skilled dental expert immediately.

(The article has been medically reviewed by Dr Karishma Jaradi, Head Dental Surgeon at Dentzz Dental)

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