Tips to Counter Side Effects of Sitting all Day

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Nov 04, 2018
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  • If you sit all day you become prone to many diseases
  • You must increase your movement throughout the day
  • Know ways to counter the side effects of sitting all day

If you spend more time sitting you become prone to many diseases. Sitting all day reduces your physical activities throughout the day. You spend less energy if you sit all day. Your desk job is giving a lot of stress to your neck and spine and even the rest of your body. Long hours of uninterrupted sitting leads to a number of health problems. Increase in body weight is not the only result of sitting all day there are other serious health issues which are triggered by long sitting hours.

Why sitting all day is bad for health?

Long sitting hours can lead to many health problems. Some of them are:

  • It can shorten your life
  • It can increase the risks of dementia
  • You are more likely to become a diabetic
  • The risk of cancer goes up
  • Risk of muscle degeneration also increases
  • It increases the stress level
  • It can imbalance your spinal structure
  • It can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases

To avoid any such complication you must increase your movement throughout the day. Here are some clever ways that can counter these side effects of sitting all day.

Try to walk more

Your sitting job makes you sit all day long. Walking is the best and the simplest way to reduce the side effects of sitting all day. Taking a walking break is a great way to increase movement throughout the day. You should take at least two walking breaks in a day especially after eating lunch. You can also start your day walking. Walk a few steps to your office and make every day productive for your health. If you do not get enough time, then you should take the stairs instead of the elevator. Take the stairs at your office as well as at your building. You don't even have to make any special efforts for that.

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Stand after regular intervals

Remember to stand after every hour. Make it a habit to stand after every interval and walk few steps. Find more reasons to walk more during your office hours. A few steps after every hour can reduce the negative effects of sitting all day significantly.

Do neck and hands exercises

Sitting all day gives a lot of stress on your neck. Neck exercise is the best way to stop that. It will also not require any special efforts. You can do some neck movements while doing your work like rotation of neck or slow movement from left to right. You can also do some hand movements whole sitting to relax your hands for a while.  

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Walk while you talk

Phone calls are very common throughout the day. Everyone spends a lot of time on his or her phone talking. You can make your phone calls more productive by walking throughout the call. Avoid sitting while chatting as much as possible. Sometimes you would not even realise how much steps you have taken. This can reverse the side effects of sitting all day more efficiently.

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