Tips to Care for Ear Infection

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Jul 04, 2014

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Quick Bites

  • The most common form of ear infection is the ottis media.
  • Never use ear phones during such times.
  • Use a heat pad to press it against your ear for relief.
  • Visit a doctor by all means for the right treatment.

What we call an ear infection is that which happens when a bacterial or viral infection affects your middle ear. The middle ear is just behind the eardrum. Ear infections can be very painful due to the fluid buildup and inflammation.

The problem of ear infections is common across all age groups and both genders. Ear infection is such a problem that can happen in children and as well as adults. The most common form of ear infection is the ottis media and the cure for such infections completely depends upon the severity of the pain. The middle ear tends to swell up during an ear infection and the patient suffers from a lot of pain. One can also suffer from other types of ear infections that are caused by ear wax or the accumulation of dirt, ear drum vibrations, etc. How would you take care of your ear infection?

ear infections care tips

Heat Remedy

When you have a swollen ear and you suffer from a lot of pain, you should use a heat pad or hot water pad in order to care for your infection. When you place a hot water pad on your infected ear you tend to provide relief to the pain, and this puts the ear swelling at ease. Use a heating pad especially when you are suffering from swollen ears.

Don’t Use Ear Phones

When you experience excessive ear pain, you should avoid ear phones. When using ear phones, the sounds coming in are high decibels and this could cause a lot of harm to your ear drums. If you want to care for your ear infection, then you should prevent it from any further damage by avoid loud sounds so close to your ears.

Avoid Stress

Ear pain and a bit of temperature requires you to stop taking more stress. You must not go out in the winds and avoid frequent ear contact with water. The swelling and pain which you experience could reduce in a day or two if you can allow your ears to be stress free. Any burden undertaken could increase the ear infection and all ear ornaments should be removed during such a time.

treating ear infection


You are advised to visit a doctor and take expert help during such times. Doctors prescribe ear drops and oral medications for ear pain that is caused internally, and can also give you helpful tips regarding the same. If in case the infection is external, then doctors will give you ointments that would help you.

It is also very important to note here that air travel should seem like a problem for those with the problem of ear pain. You should ask your doctor regarding the same. Do not wait for too long to visit your doctor, the earlier you get it checked, the better it is for you.

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