Want To Build Muscle Mass? Follow These 5 Useful Tips

Building muscle mass requires fitness training and healthy diet. Here are some useful tips to build muscles.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Aug 06, 2021Updated at: Aug 06, 2021
Want To Build Muscle Mass? Follow These 5 Useful Tips

There is a need of determination and regular hardwork to achieve every fitness goal. From diet to lifestyle habits, several factors can have an influence on our bodies. Both weight loss and building muscle mass are two different fitness goals but require a healthy combination of the right diet and exercises. Talking about building muscle mass, one needs to have a positive energy balance, which means that you should take in more calories than you burn, just the opposite of losing weight.

According to many researches, having lean protein 15-20 minutes before, during and after one hour of working out can help in gaining muscle mass. It can take around three to four weeks of vigorous training to see a noticeable change in your muscles. The main goal is to make a muscle building plan that is doable and realistic as per your needs. You can talk to your fitness expert about creating a schedule with strength training and diet. Read further to know about useful tips to build muscle mass.

Tips to build muscle mass

Increased and strong muscle mass can result in less body fat, improved immune system, better energy levels, and reduced stress. Do not make major changes in your diet and exercise schedule without talking to a fitness expert or trainer. Focus on building muscles gradually instead of bulking up within a few days using artificial supplements. Here are 5 useful tips to build muscle mass:

1. Set doable goals


It is important to set doable and reasonable fitness goals for yourself, if you want to build muscle mass. You need to monitor your progress and make required changes to get the best results. Start slowly and gradually and do not feel demotivated if your progress is not as quick as expected. The fitness and good health you achieve will stay as long as you keep working out.

2. Eat every three hours

One should try and eat every three hours to keep up strength in the body. And, protein should be a part of your daily diet. In addition, do not skip breakfast if you want to build muscle mass. If you do not eat enough, then the body with limit itself in building new proteins. Do not load up on carbohydrates everyday.

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3. Train heavy

There is no way that you can build muscles without heavy training. Train at least three times every week. Three sessions in a week should be the minimum amount required to trigger a muscle-building stimulus in your body. Pick the right exercises that can help you in building muscle mass. Heavy training majorly helps in challenging the muscles.

4. Take proper rest


Taking plenty of sleep and rest is also essential to build strong muscles. Your body requires recovery time and there is no need to workout all the time. Muscle building, recovery, and repair happen while resting and sleeping. Make sure that you get full recovery time before stepping in the gym again. If not, your muscle training can even lead to illness or injury.

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5. Eat proteins

Having protein rich foods in every meal can boost your muscle mass. Protein regulates the synthesis of muscle at a better pace. Drinking whey water promotes muscle health and is a healthy addition of protein to your diet, which then leads to gain only in muscle mass. As per a study, it was concluded that there is an increase in total body mass, thigh mass, fat free mass and muscle strength.

Therefore, these were some helpful tips for building muscle mass. To gain muscles, you need to give your body the right amount of calories, nutrients and workout. Protein should be a part of your meals as it is beneficial for muscle gain. It also depends on your fitness goals and the type of strength training you are doing.

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