Want To Keep Your Teeth Strong And White? Here Are 5 Useful Tips

For world oral health unified week 2022, check out these simple useful tips to keep your teeth strong and white. Read on. 

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaPublished at: Mar 29, 2022Updated at: Mar 29, 2022
Want To Keep Your Teeth Strong And White? Here Are 5 Useful Tips

There are several components that come together to make up for a healthy and beautiful smile, but having whiter teeth is one of the most common one that comes to notice easily by just taking one look. Yellowed or stained teeth are a common reason behind embarrassment and self-consciousness in many people of all age groups. While there are many chemical treatments available to whiten and brighten the teeth, but there are also a lot of ways that can contribute towards keeping your teeth away from staining in the first place.

World Oral Health Unified Week is celebrated every year from 25-31 March. The aim of this month is to make people and community members, especially children and parents about the importance of oral health and how they can take healthy steps to prevent the risk of dental conditions. Read further to know about simple tips to keep your teeth strong and white. 

Tips for strong and white teeth 


Below listed are 5 useful tips to keep your teeth strong and white: 

1. Brush after every meal

Brushing your teeth before and after every meal can protect the teeth an an effective manner. Fluoride toothpaste are the best to make your teeth strong and white. However, if you consume things like juice or cereal, there is a high risk of rubbing the sugars and acids into the enamel on your teeth, thus brushing plays and important role in keeping them healthy. For best results, you can even brush first and rinse afterwards. Moreover, do not go to bed without brushing your teeth properly. 

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2. Avoid smoking 

Avoiding cigarettes is not only beneficial for health but for teeth too. Your dental state can get hampered because of tobacco smoking. It can leave a staining effect on your teeth, thus causing yellow teeth and even bad breath. Even if you smoke occasionally, make sure to brush and use mouthwash regularly. However, try to avoid cigarettes as much as possible. 

3. Eat calcium rich diet 

calcium rich foods

Calcium is an important nutrient for strong and healthy teeth. It also helps in cleaning the tooth enamel. Calcium rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds and dairy products and good for your overall and dental health. You can talk to your dentist or dietician about the amount of daily calcium food consumption. 

4. Drink water 

Drinking plenty of water is also a part of maintaining good oral health. Intead of choosing aerated drinks, fruit juice and sodas, one should try and go for plain water. Drink atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily. It will remove enamel and help in making your teeth strong and white. Even red wine, coffee and tea can stain your enamel. 

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5. Flossing 

Not just brushing, but taking care of your mouth otherwise is also an essential task. Flossing and cleaning your tongue also play a role in keeping your teeth strong, fresh and white. Try to clean your teeth by flossing at night before going to bed. Do not forget to use the tongue cleaner as well. Healthy mouth and gums make your teeth healthy and white! 

Your own daily habits are responsible for your overall dental health. Even after following the above listen useful tips, it is important to go to a dentist from time to time for cleanings and regular checkups.  Although you may be trying your best to keep your teeth clean and healthy, your dentist will be able to remove calculus and see if there are any cavities which you will not be able to do at home.