Tips on choosing child care

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Mar 24, 2011

If you have decided to send for child-care, then you’ll naturally want the most feasible, flexible and proficient help available. You want to get some bang for your buck, but more importantly, you want to feel assured that your child is in capable and safe hands, and where they can also have a social relationship with other children their own age. Here are some tips on choosing child care.

First of all, you’ll need a day care centre which is convenient for both yourself and your partner, whether that’s close to your workplace or close to home. The last thing you need is a logistical problem, so this may be something you will need to compromise on. Convenience is surely a factor which supersedes all the others, especially if you and your spouse are going to be very busy at work.

Research the facilities
However, you should still research the facility thoroughly. If it doesn’t meet your requirements on any factor other than convenience, then you might have to think about another daycare centre. You cannot jeopardize the safety and well-being of your child, just because the facility is logistically acceptable. You will never have peace of mind if you are unsure about sending your child to an unsuitable daycare centre.

There are various ways of investigating the accreditation of a daycare facility. You can ask neighbours and friends for their opinion on it; maybe they have heard obtuse rumours. Does it have statutory recognition by the State? What is its reputation? How does it rate against the other daycare facilities on your area?

Speak to the proprietors

You will need to go and speak to the proprietors and see first-hand how it is ran and administered. Try to arrange a meeting that might coincide with a drop-off or a collection time, so you can have a quick word with a participating parent. The proprietor will obviously give you a tour of the facility, and tell you everything you need to know from an official capacity, but the parents of the children will be able to give you a more informal briefing.

You need to be sure that the daycare facility is as flexible as possible to your needs and wishes. For instance, if you finish work at 5.30pm, but the daycare facility closes at 5pm, then you’ll have to try to come to a compromise about this. If they’re a proficient entity, then they should e as flexible as they can. This is something you can discuss when you visit the daycare centre.

You will know yourself which is best for your child when you see it, and these tips for choosing a daycare facility should give you something to use as a checklist.

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