This is your perfect anti-aging workout according to science

Wonder which workout would be best for aging? Learn about the anti-aging workout that science believes is best for you.

Tanushree Singh
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Tanushree SinghPublished at: Oct 13, 2017
This is your perfect anti-aging workout according to science

There is nothing better than exercise to delay aging symptoms. But not all workouts are same and offer similar benefits. Some are easy and simple to perform while some are really difficult for an average person to perform. The benefits usually increase with the effort and hard work required for a workout. So which workout is perfect for anti-aging benefits? Well, various researches scientifically prove that, Tai Chi is the best anti-aging workout for balance and flexibility. 

A research by School of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan conducted in 2014 provides direct evidence of Tai Chi’s anti-aging benefits. Here is why Tai Chi is the best anti-aging workout. 

Slow aging

Researchers at the School of Chinese Medicine found that volunteers who performed Tai Chi on a regular basis had significantly higher number of CD 34+ cells as compared to the group who didn't exercise at all. CD 34+ cells are responsible for cell renewal and growth, thereby preventing and delaying aging symptoms. 

Eases joint pain

A study conducted at Tufts University on volunteers experiencing knee pain, found that people who were engaged in Yang-style Tai Chi twice a week for 2 weeks needed less pain medication as compared to a group that was engaged in physical therapy twice a week. The researchers also found that people who performed Tai Chi experienced better moods. 

Reduces inflammation

A study published in Biological Psychiatry involving volunteers of age more than 55 established a connection between Tai Chi and inflammation, another aging symptom. People tend to experience frequent inflammation with increasing age. The study found that meditative movements of tai chi reversed the activation of inflammatory signalling pathways, thereby reducing inflammation. 

Boosts muscle strength

Muscle strength decreases with age after 30s, but Tai Chi can not only slow down the loss, but also increase muscle strength. Tai Chi can be the best work-out for people of all ages and prove to be a great option for elderlies.

Perform Tai Chi every week to boost your balance and flexibility and delay the anti-aging symptoms. You don’t need to join any classes for Tai Chi, you can perform it at your home. However, Tai Chi feels best when performed in open spaces such as gardens or parks early in the morning. So look around over the internet and find a suitable online Tai Chi guide and get going with the best anti-aging workout. Make sure you perform Tai Chi every day. You will be able to feel the difference within couple of weeks. 

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