10 Things Men should never Ask Women

10 things men should never ask women - Here is a list of things that you should never ask women. This checklist will surely help men communication better with the woman of their dreams!

Arpita De
DatingWritten by: Arpita DePublished at: Apr 27, 2011
10 Things Men should never Ask Women

Couple in BedroomWell, there have been many arguments and testimonies that try and answer a very important question; what are the things that men should never ask women. The answer to this never ending debate is first of all subjective. Every woman is wired differently. So men; what you need to do is stop generalising!


Here we present to you the top 10 things that men should never ever ask women.


  1. Do not ask her about her weight or waistline measurement: Asking a woman about her weight or any other physical attribute is an absolute blasphemy! It is one of the foremost things that men should never ask women. You will only end up offending her, and making her feel that you are being judgemental about the way she looks!
  2. Do not ask her about her exes: You have just begun dating and you make the cardinal mistake of asking her what her exes were like. Beware! Women see this as a sign of a man being overtly nosy and jealous. You can of course ask her about her ex boyfriends if she ever props the same question to you.
  3. Do not ask her if she is PMSing: Do not ever broach this subject. Men who ask women if they are hormonal or not are just asking for trouble. Display of emotions and tantrums can come naturally to some women. We know that it can be frustrating but do not ask her if it is that time of the month every time she says or does something that you cannot fathom.
  4. Do not ask her if she is a virgin or not: You might have lofty ideals about the girl you fall in love but life in reality is not perfect! Please do not ask her if this is her first time when you are about to make love. It will infuriate her; turn her off and in some cases she might even call the relationship off. However, it is an okay subject to approach if both parties are willing to talk about it.
  5. Do not ask her if she liked it: This sits pretty high on the things men should never ask women. Please do not seek confirmation of your sexual prowess from your lady love. You will only come across as clingy and low on confidence. If at all you are concerned about your performance, look for signals. A woman always makes her feelings known through non-verbal communication!
  6. Do not ask her about her girlfriends: Way too much interest in her girlfriends will only tick her off! So men; please do not hound your woman with questions about her girlfriends. You need to lend her a patient ear when she is talking about them. Be encouraging but never over-enthusiastic!
  7. Do not ask her to plan all the time: Whether you are in a 10 year old relationship or in a relatively newer one, try and impress your woman by surprising her. If men ask women to plan all outings they are considered callous and generally disinterested in the relationship. Work your brain and surprise her and you will be surprised at the outcome!
  8. Absolutely refrain from asking her to be friends with all your friends: We know. It is a gesture that men make so that their girlfriends are presumably more comfortable. However, you cannot expect her to be friends with all your buddies. And if that buddy list includes an ex flames, keep it away! Women hate any kind of confrontation with their men’s exes. Also do not for one moment think that she will completely at ease with all your beer guzzling buddies. Give her some time and do not jump the gun!
  9. Do not question her about all her actions: It is okay to be concerned about your girl but constantly asking her as to where she is and what she is up to will also irritate her. If your girl gives you enough space, reciprocate her action. Give her space and let her do her thing. Your woman will include you in those decisions where she thinks she needs your help and guidance. Do not let her think of you as another judging parent in her life.
  10. Men should never ask women about their male friends: Let’s face it. Men who constantly ask women about their male buddies are labelled the jealous type. You should have confidence on your lady love. And in case you absolutely need to know, then be gentle and smart about it.

These pointers on the 10 things men should never ask women are generic in nature. Remember, your lady love is different and unique. Treat her with respect and try to gauge what she wants. You will for sure be a happy man!


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