These yoga poses can help beginners lose weight fast

The beginners should start yoga with those asanas which are easy to learnm and perform. By pracitising these aasanas on regular basis can help them to loss weight.

Shreya Lall
YogaWritten by: Shreya LallPublished at: Sep 18, 2017
These yoga poses can help beginners lose weight fast

Sedentary lifestyle is a reason enough to take special care of your health and overall fitness. One of the first steps therefore is to keep excess weight off the body. In fact, yoga poses and workouts help one realign the mind, the body, and the soul. In addition, these help one build strength, increase body’s flexibility and even aids weight loss.

Lets discuss a few of the numerous yoga practices for beginners which, if done on a regular basis, will help one cut down on that excess, unnecessary flab.

Leg cycling pose

The leg cycling pose is a very effective yoga exercise for weight loss.

Preparation for the workout

First, lie on your back on the floor and look upwards. Keep both your arms straight, close to your body with the palms touching the floor. Place your feet close to your buttocks, heels and toes touching each other.

Steps in the workout regime

  • Take a deep breath and hold it for a short while. Bend the knees. Bring the left foot close to the buttock and then extend the right leg at an angle of 30 degree. After this, bring the right foot close to the buttock and the left leg fully extended at an angle of 30 degree in a circular manner. Then, you move both your legs as if you are pedalling a cycle.
  • Keep doing it till you’re  comfortable doing it.
  • At intervals, take some rest in a shava asana. Repeat the whole process once or twice. Do not exert yourself.
  • Keep a count of the number of rotations done with each leg so as to be able to monitor the overall progress.

Leg rotation pose

The leg rotation pose is another form of yoga pose that has often been proven to be very effective for many practitioners.

Preparation for the workout

Lay down on your back on the floor and looking up towards the ceiling. Then, keep both the arms straight close to your body and with palms touching the floor. Your legs should be in a straight line with your heels and toes touching each other. 

Steps in the workout regime

  • Lift the left leg and without bending the leg, rotate it in a circular manner. Try to make a  big circle withoutletting your leg touch the ground. In the meanwhile keep the right leg straight on the floor without bending it. Rotate the left leg clockwise five times.
  • Then, rotate the left leg in an anti-clockwise direction about five times.
  • Do not forget to take rest in shava asana at regular intervals between the yoga practice.
  • As was done before, rotate the right leg now, clockwise, five times.
  • Rotate right leg anti-clockwise five times. Again, take some adequate rest in shava asana.
  • Then join your feet, the heels and your toes together. Keeping your legs and feet together rotate your legs clockwise and anti clockwise both five times. Take rest in shava asana.


You may start this with five rotations.


  • It reduces fat around the abdomen, thighs and buttocks
  • It further helps strengthen abdomen muscles.

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