The truth about urine you were not aware of

Urine is as important a part of one's body as it is considered otherwise. Check out the clues it gives about our body's status.

Bhadra Kamalasanan
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Bhadra KamalasananPublished at: Aug 11, 2017
The truth about urine you were not aware of

Urine has been the most underrated topic of debate notwithstanding the fact that it is a major clue to one’s body’s status. Nobody gives it a thought after passing a glance as it flows away down the toilet bowl. The odour, colour and consistency of the urine offer important clues about the status of one’s body. For instance, the urine can reveal how much you have been drinking, what you have been eating and the diseases that you are suffering from.

According to Tomas Griebling, MD MPH, Vice Chair of Urology at the University of Kansas urine and urinalysis has, for several years, been a useful way of looking at one’s health for physicians. Tomas further explained why urine is a gateway to understanding the status of the body. He said that all the substances that circulate inside the body including yeast, bacteria, excess sugar and protein leave the body through the urine. 

Truth about urine  

The urine is an important element in the body’s disposal process because its job is to get the body rid of extra water and water-soluble wastes that the kidneys filter from the blood. The mere presence of urine is to get the body rid of toxins that can, if not removed, build up in the body and cause damage. 

If you notice that your urine has a weird or changed colour, it may be because of something as harmless as what you had the previous night or as serious as cancer or infection. Before you flush, watch out for these signs that may be symptoms of a serious medical problem. 

Changes in colour

The natural colour of urine, which is yellow, comes from a pigment called urochrome. The colour of urine, usually, varies from pale yellow to deep amber. Darker urine is a sign of lack of fluid in your system. If your urine is pale, you are drinking a lot of fluid. Certain food can change the colour of urine such as carrots can tint your urine orange. 

Change in odour

Urine does not have a strong odour. If you feel it is pungent on a random day, you may be infected or have urinary stones. Diabetics have sweet smelling urine because of an excess of sugar in their system. Several years ago, doctors diagnosed diabetes by tasting the urine. Some food can also change the odour of your urine. Asparagus tops the list.

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