The Musical Disaster

By  ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Sep 28, 2012

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The Musical Disastor

Pantera, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Alice Cooper all have one thing in common; they are heavy metal bands and they are extremely loud. Now, a new study has found another common trait among the three. Their music has the ability to disrupt your listening ability.


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Youngsters these days have their earphones plugged into their ears all the time. In the metro, inside buses, while they are walking, working and eating. In fact, they are always listening to music so much so that any observer would say that our generation is the most music loving generation of all time. According to the World Health Organization, any noise above 85 db is damaging to human ears. Doctors say that rapid hearing loss happens only with infections, whereas this kind happens slowly over the years. A study from Tel Aviv University has shown that youngsters who listen to over four hours of music on their MP3 players or iPods could be damaging their hearing. One particular doctor remembers a 38-year-old businessman from Surat who suffered complete hearing loss in one of his ears due to mobile use. He had confessed that he was on the phone from morning to evening.

So, it’s time to stop acting fancy and saving the ear!


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