The Magnetic Pull that would heal your Pain

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Nov 24, 2013
Quick Bites

•  Magnotherapy is non-invasive and is complimentary health therapy.
•  The benefits of magnotherapy can be enjoyed by all.
•  Except for people with heart pace maker, insulin pump.
•  There are no adverse side effects to magnotherapy.

Rumour has it that Cleopatra used to wear a small magnet on her forehead to preserve her beauty and cure her headaches. Magnotherapy is simply the use of pulsed electromagnetic field equipment to help a patient to get relieved from pains.

understanding magnotherapy In magnotherapy magnetic field is applied to a living body, and it has been in use for several hundred years to relieve pain and accelerate the healing process. In the recent times, magnotherapy has become more popular and this is because it poses as an alternative therapy and provides natural remedies that conventional medicine cannot provide. With the improvement in magnetic energy it is now more accessible and is more equipped with technological inputs for better working.

Workings of a Magnotherapy

Life is sustained with the help of blood circulation which delivers oxygen and nutrients to every cell in our body. Without proper supply of oxygen and nutrients to every cell of the body and the removal of toxins and other waste products, our body would cease to function well.

Now magnet which is believed to improve the circulation and therefore ensures that there is a greater number of oxygen carrying red cells and healing white cells in every part of the body. This results in a reduction in pain and swelling, thereby increasing the supply of nutrients to the affected area. The body then begins to heal.

The human body is after all designed in such a way that it has the ability to heal itself.

Use of Magnotherapy

The benefits of magnotherapy can be enjoyed by all. From people suffering from arthritis, people suffering from sports injuries, poor circulation, and blood pressure and skin complaints can all use the therapy. Even fatigue syndrome and general aches and pains could be treated with this therapy. People using magnotherapy say that their pain seems to ease with the therapy.

Young children suffering from eczema or elders suffering from arthritis can all be treated with magnotherapy. 

Here is a list of common ailments that can ask for help from Magnotherapy:

•  Rheumatism
•  Arthritis
•  Headaches
•  Poor blood circulation
•  Cramp
•  Joint pain
•  Gout
•  Most sports injuries
•  Blood pressure (high or low)
•  Fatigue
•  Insomnia
•  Recovery from bone fractures

How safe is Magnotherapy?

Magnotherapy is considered to be safe with a few exceptions like people with heart pace maker, insulin pump or similar heart complications, or if they are used by their sleeping partner. Also women who are pregnant should not be using them too, along with their sleeping partners. People suffering from Epilepsy and their sleeping partners should not use it without consulting their doctor or medical advisor.

Magnotherapy is non-invasive and is complimentary health therapy without any adverse side effects, and is used by top sportsmen these days. You could try it for your benefit.


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