Here Are Ten Must-Have Eye Makeup Brushes In Your Kit

Do you know that most people try to do all their makeup with the same makeup brush? Beware! It can cause severe skin diseases.

Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograUpdated at: Oct 21, 2020 20:01 IST
Here Are Ten Must-Have Eye Makeup Brushes In Your Kit

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Do you know that there are a variety of eye make-up brushes accessible in the market? Yes, but have you noticed that people often get confused amongst which ones are favourable and which ones are not. What are eye makeup brushes? These are one of the valuable tools that help you to do a near-professional job. The proper use of such (eye-makeup) brushes will help you achieve an overall effect of well-blended and smoothly applied eye makeup. Several types of makeup brushes are designed for specific use in the eye area. A small collection of essential brushes is sufficient for the average woman. However, for women who enjoy experimenting with their looks or for the more adventuresome, (who love to spend time doing up their eyes), a more assorted variation is accessible. There are two varieties of eye makeup brushes - natural and synthetic. Natural hair brushes could be a squirrel, sable, goat, etc., whereas human-made or artificial could be taklon or nylon.

Following are some guideline to different kinds of eye makeup brushes available

  • Eyebrow brush: There is no denying that eyebrows help enhance your look. An eyebrow brush has flat and angled bristles to help pull individual eyebrow hair using eyebrow cream, gel, or powder. Use slanted bristles to fill the brows with eyebrows powder, then comb it with an eye brush. In this way, it will complete your eye makeup.
  • Pencil Brush: A pencil brush smashes your cream eyeliner, matching the eyeshadow directly to your lash line. This helps you to bleach just below your lashes, etc. When other brushes are too big or too harsh, use them only after being stiff, thick, thin. Especially if you want smokey eyes to look, you can use a pencil brush for this.
  • Smudge Brush: These brushes are used to give the eyes a softer look by smudging the harsh lines. They are typical with short hairs, unique and flat in shape amongst all other eye makeup brushes. You can contour and line your eyes, or add depth and colour to the eyelid with these brushes.
  • Eye Shadow Brush: It may be a little extra, but an eyeshadow shedding brush is really what gives you a perfect look on your eyelashes. These brushes are usually flat, round and dense at the tip. With its help, you can also use eyeshadow shades of different types.
  • Foundation brush: You can use a brush in place of your fingers or sponge when applying liquid makeup. While applying foundation powder or liquid, you need some application brush. These brushes are usually dense and look like paintbrushes or flat brushes.
  • Mascara brush: Though all mascaras come with their wand or brush but to keep the mascara bacteria-free, you should always keep a separate one. They should be washed after every use as they are also beneficial for smoothing unruly eyebrows.

  • Angled Eye Shadow Shader Brush: This is a valuable tool for implementing eye shadow colour to the soft lower lash line. They are also excellent for designing a smoky eye effect by appending shadow to the outer eye.
  • Liner Brush/Angled Brush: You can use the brush that has slanted hairs, to apply eyeliner with accuracy. Do you know that it can also be used to define the lash line, the crease and the eyebrows?
  • Mascara Fan Brush: The fan shape of these brushes facilitates the precise and clump-free application of mascara to both the lower and upper lashes.
  • Eyeliner Brush: These tapered, thin brushes are great for applying the gel, cream or liquid liners with precision. 

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