10 Most annoying elevator habits

There are some irritating elevator habits that some people have. They might need a crash course in elevator manners.

Vatsal Anand
Exercise & FitnessWritten by: Vatsal AnandPublished at: Nov 11, 2011
10 Most annoying elevator habits

Using an elevator is simple enough but there are some people who would create all sort of nuisance when using one. You would feel as though they needed coaching for using the elevator.



  1. In very high buildings, you get quite irritated by the elevator taking too long to reach your floor. But when it finally does, you miss it because no one cared enough to press the button to keep the door open for you. In fact, they will gape at you with an innocent expression. Is it so bothersome to wait for 2 seconds?
  2. It is generally the most well-build guy in the elevator who takes the most awkward spot for everyone else. He will park himself at the elevator’s entrance even though he does not intend to get down early. What is worse, he will move very little for letting people in the elevator come in and out. Everyone has to squeeze themselves through with him standing at the door. Do these guys do so on purpose?
  3. There are some people who treat the elevator as their property. They would always force their way in and similarly, rush out as soon as it stops. It is quite an irksome habit as it shuffles everyone around in the elevator. Do they think they are in a local train?
  4. Some people would walk into the elevator talking on their cell phone. No trouble in this but why must you yell on the phone when the signal is weak? It is not going to fix your connectivity! But one thing it surely does; irritate the others.
  5. Kids playing around with the all the buttons of the elevator are a big nuisance too. The doors keep opening at every floor without any reason. It becomes really annoying if such kids are accompanied by maids who ought to do better than letting the kids have fun.
  6. Some people insist on mounting the elevator even though it reached its maximum capacity long back. They would not mind if that makes everyone feel packed like sardines.
  7. People are inclined to look at the mirror but that should not mean checking the food stuck in the mouth or striking poses for testing, or even start make up. Why not use the washrooms for that? But it does give you comic relief.
  8. It is great to keep the door open for your friend but for how long? Where do you draw the line? It can get irritating if it is done for more than a couple of minutes. If you must be with your friend, leave the elevator and be with him/her.
  9. The sick people stepping on to the elevator can make you sick and literally so. They would come sniffing, sneezing and coughing, and press the elevator button without using the tissue.
  10. Then there are people who just smell so bad, you feel like vomiting. They never use a deodorant or what?

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