Rare Event: Teenager Gives Birth To Twins With Different Biological Fathers

Is it possible to have twins with different fathers? Yes. Read on to know about this rare event.

Chanchal Sengar
Written by: Chanchal SengarPublished at: Sep 09, 2022Updated at: Sep 09, 2022
Rare Event: Teenager Gives Birth To Twins With Different Biological Fathers

In a rare turn of events, a 19-year-old woman has given birth to twins but who have different biological fathers! This sounds unbelievable but it has happened in the past as well. It might be rare, but not unheard of. A woman gave birth to twins and in order to confirm who the father of the babies was, she conducted a paternity test with her partner. To her surprise, the DNA sample matched only with one of the babies. She recalled getting intimate with another man and took his sample, which came positive. This was shocking for the woman as well the doctors.

This event is astounding but it is medically possible. The medical term for such a conception is heteropaternal superfecundation. In this case, after fertilisation of the first egg, when the second egg is released, it gets fertilised with the sperm of another man with whom the woman consummated with. This sounds complicated, but it is indeed possible. The science journal ‘Biomedica’ has mentioned this event in detail. As per experts, this event occurs once in a million.

Twins With Different Biological Fathers

While explaining the situation to an online portal, the mother explains that as the kids approached their first birthday, she wanted to validate the father and so, she called up the person she got intimate with. The results were surprising for her too as it is not common to have twins with different biological fathers. Also, the babies look like exact replicas of each other, and no one can tell that they are not from the same father.

Twins With Different Fathers

Until now only twenty such cases have been observed, which is very rare. A woman can definitely give birth to multiple babies with different biological father if she indulged in sexual intercourse with them on the same day. The genes may vary but in this particular case, both the babies predominantly had their mother’s genes, which is why they look identical.

This is a wonderful example of medical science. Pregnancy with multiple partners is possible in certain cases but they may have complications. More research is needed on such topics.

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