Teenage Pregnancy: How to Tell you are Pregnant

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Jun 01, 2012

If you are a pregnant teen, few things can compare to the insecurities that you might be feeling. Although it is expected that you would know all about safe sex, you are still only a child. But that means you need to own up your mistakes to your parents, which your teenage pregnancy is. As your parents know all about how to bring up a baby, and they also have your best interests in mind; it is important that they know that you are pregnant. With a few tips give here, you will learn all about how to tell parents about a teenage pregnancy.

Whether you decide to keep the child or not, it should be intimated to the parents.

Having an adult by your side is powerful in a teenage pregnancy situation. Telling your parents you are pregnant can be extremely scary. While you can tell them any way you would like, the experience will be less traumatic if you follow this guide.

Pick a Good Time

Be choosy with the timing. It is never a good idea to tell your parents you're pregnant as they, or you, are on the way out the door. You will want to find a time that allows you a fair bit of time to talk, even if you don't use it. By not trying to squeeze it in quickly, you stand a better chance of having a good conversation.

Be Receptive

Your parents may offer you advice. This isn't necessarily bad, but it can be annoying. Be prepared to tell them what you need from them. Statements like, "Mom, what I really need form you right now is to simply love on me and be my sounding board while I work this out." Your parents might also offer you advice that is something you had not considered.

Be Patient

Sometimes the advice that you receive might seem like a directive. Remember that they are processing everything you have just said and are probably saying the first thing that comes to their mind. While it might be easy to jump on it or argue, remember that it probably took you a bit of time to understand and process what's going on. They also need time and maybe space. Don't take this as a bad sign.

Be Ready

The questions may start flying as soon as the news is out. Who is the father? When did this happen? Did you use birth control? How long have you been having sex? Calmly give them the answers that you are ready to give and the rest simply say that you're not ready to talk about it.



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