Taking 6,000 Steps a Day Can Keep Knee Arthritis at Bay

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Jun 13, 2014

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A new research suggests that walking an equivalent of an hour per day can help to improve knee arthritis as well as prevent disability. A lot of older adults find every day activities like walking, climbing stairs and even getting up from a chair difficult because of knee arthritis. These findings, however, equate walking more with better everyday functioning.

Knee arthritisDaniel White, a research assistant professor in the department of physical therapy and athletic training at Boston University said that people who are at risk of knee arthritis or are already suffering from it must walk 6,000 steps per day. He added that the more walking one does, the less he/she is at risk of developing various functioning difficulties.

White added that every step that one takes throughout the day counts to the total and that one should wear a pedometer to see how many steps have been taken throughout the day; the number should ideally be 6,000.
"People usually average 100 steps per minute while they walk, so (6,000 steps) is roughly walking an hour a day.  It doesn't seem to make a difference where the steps come from," White said.

If you have only recently been diagnosed with knee arthritis and have just started to exercise, it is recommended that you set 3, 000 steps as your first goal. At least 27 million Americans aged 25 years and more have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis, which is the wear-and-tear form of arthritis. The joint pain and stiffness that develops as a result limits an individual’s movement by 80 percent.

The study comprised 1, 800 adults who had found that taking 6, 000 steps was the threshold that predicted who is likely to develop disabilities and who is not. White said that if one wears a pedometer and gets up to 6, 000 steps, he/she is in good shape.

Article source: Webmd
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