Symptoms of Dry Mouth

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Oct 03, 2012

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Quick Bites

  • In dry mouth, sticky, dry feeling may be felt inside the mouth.
  • The toungue may feel dry and raw and appear red.
  • Hoarseness, sore throat and dry nasal passage may be felt.
  • Symptoms must be reported to the doctor at the earliest.

Saliva is something we all need to moisten as well as cleanse our mouths so to allow the smooth digestion of food. The more that your mouth produces saliva, the most protected you are from infections with the controlling of bacteria as well as fungi inside the mouth.

When the mouth fails to make enough saliva, it gets dry and becomes uncomfortable. If you have been feeling some sort of a discomfort in your mouth that is similar in nature to the following symptoms, you must speak to your doctor about it.

dry mouth symptoms

•    Sticky, dry feeling inside the mouth
•    Sores in the mouth
•    Split skin or sores at the corners of the mouth
•    Cracked lips
•    Tingling or burning sensation inside the mouth that is especially felt on the tongue
•    Dry feeing in the throat
•    Difficulty in speaking or tasting, chewing and swallowing food.
•    Bad breath
•    Hoarseness, sore throat, dry nasal passage
•    Dry, raw, red tongue.


Why Dry Mouth is More of a Problem than Normal Condition

It may seem all right for one to experience dry mouth, but what most people do not notice is that it can be a warning sign of serious gum problems such as gingivitis, mouth infections like thrush and tooth decay.

Once you speak to your doctor about the symptoms experienced, he or she may recommend treatment options.


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