Dodge the Catastrophe of Owning Inverted Nipples with Surgery

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Jan 30, 2013
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  • Development of an inverted nipple can occur during puberty.
  • Inverted nipple can also be due to scar tissue beneath the nipple.
  • Surgery improves the appearance and restores your self confidence.
  • Breast feeding can be troublesome post surgery.

It is only normal for a woman to have naturally protruding nipples, but if there happens to be any exception to it is distressing. The image of womanhood cannot be a distorted one in the mind of society, what would you do?

inverted nipplesThe development of an inverted nipple can occur during puberty as a result of short milk ducts. There is less chances of you having an underlying medical problem if this situation has cropped up during puberty, but if this is a recent development then you should get it checked by a doctor.

When cosmetic breast surgery is considered most people usually think of enlargement, reduction or breast lift. However many women are bothered by inverted nipples. If you have inverted nipples and it bothers you---you can consider cosmetic surgery to enhance just the nipple and surrounding area called the areola.

Correcting inverted nipples

The nipple points outwards, but if your nipples points inward or is flat you have inverted nipples. The degree of inversion is variable---the nipple may be flat or like a slit-like depression or in severe cases there may be a hole at the normal nipple location. Inverted nipple is usually present from birth and is caused by tethering of the nipple to shortened underlying milk ducts. Other common cause of inverted nipple includes formation of scar tissue beneath the nipple from previous surgery or infection.


Surgery for inverted nipples is a reasonably undemanding and trouble-free procedure. Depending on the underlying cause and the severity of inversion your surgeon may repair it by surgically releasing the tethering structures or using sutures to keeps the nipples facing outward. The surgery can be done when you undergo any other cosmetic breast surgery. The time taken for surgery can vary from 30 minutes to as long as a couple of hours depending on the severity of inversion.


The outcome of the surgery is usually satisfactory. Surgery improves the appearance and restores the function of the nipple, however, breast feeding cannot be guaranteed after this procedure as the milk ducts would have been cut during surgery and they wouldn’t be intact anymore. You can expect scarring to be minimal. You are therefore advised to have a talk with your doctor and review your expectations thoroughly before you plan to proceed. You should try and figure out if the result meets your expectations and whether the risks would harm you in any way.

As with most things we would advise you to look before you decide to leap.

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