Indian-American Cardiologist, Sumeet Chugh Wins Prestigious Simon Dack Award

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Apr 02, 2014

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An Indian-American cardiologist has won the American College of Cardiology's prestigious Simon Dack Award for Outstanding Scholarship for his contributions to peer-reviewed medical journals. The winner, Sumeet Chugh, is the associate director of the Cedars-Sinai Heart Institute and also a leading expert on heart rhythm disorders such as arterial fibrillation, sudden cardiac arrest, etc. Dr. Chugh will receive the award at the 63rd Annual Scientific Session of the 40,000-member medical society in Washington.

Sumeet Chugh wins Simon Dack AwardDr. Chugh is trying to unlock the mysteries of how sudden cardiac arrest can be prevented. He is an expert in the performance of radio frequency ablation procedures and the use of pacmakers, biventricular devices, defibrillators to correct problems occuring in the heart rhythm.

An author of over 250 articles as well as abstracts in professional journals, Chugh was behind the initiation and direction of the ongoing Oregon Sudden Unexpected Death Study, which is a large, comprehensive assessment of sudden cardiac arrest within a community of one million residents.

Dr. Chugh also leads the World Health Organization panel that has been assigned to perform a worldwide assessment of the heart rhythm disorders for Global Burden of Disease Study.


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