Suffering From Diabetes? Here’s How White Mushrooms Can Help

Daily consumption of white button mushrooms can improve glucose levels in the liver, which can help control diabetes

 Onlymyhealth Staff Writer
Written by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterUpdated at: Jan 08, 2020 12:52 IST
Suffering From Diabetes? Here’s How White Mushrooms Can Help

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If you are someone who pushes his/her limits regularly in this urban world, where every minute is no less than a race to stay ahead of time, you often end up compromising on our health. For the time being, most of us ignore the pain. Still, it eventually paves the way for several lifestyle diseases like diabetes, blood pressure etc. Eating white button mushrooms daily could act as an excellent help for people with diabetes. As mushrooms are known to be low in sugar and carbohydrates, they are considered to have anti-diabetic properties. As per a recent Journal of Functional Foods, if you consume white button mushrooms daily, then they could act as prebiotic by improving microbial community in the gut, which further enhances the regulation of glucose in the liver. In this study, feeding white button mushrooms to mice changed the composition of their gut microbes and microbiota, which produced more short-chain fatty acids, which are specifically propionate from succinate.

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Other researches have also shown that consuming a diet which is rich in vegetables like mushrooms and other vitamin-rich foods may help in protecting against gestational diabetes, which affects approximately 14% of pregnancies worldwide and affects both the mother and child. Also due to their high vitamin B content, mushrooms may protect against decreased mental function and dementia in older adults with vitamin B deficiencies, as well as those with diabetes who take the drug metformin to control their blood sugar levels.

What Makes Mushrooms So Healthy?


Mushrooms are fungus, and there are nearly hundreds of them present on the planet. Choosing the right one to eat is a bit tricky job, but once you know which are helpful, you will be amazed to know its benefits.

A Great Food For Diabetics

Mushrooms are great for people who have diabetes, as they are loaded with essential nutrients and are low on calories. Consumption of mushrooms can very well fit into a low-sugar diet without adding on to the calories.

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Good For Cardiovascular Health

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Due to its low-calorie content, its consumption does not contribute to an increase in fat and helps in improving cardiovascular health. As mushrooms are a low calorie, it does not contribute to the body fat, eventually improving one’s cardiovascular health. Apart from that, it also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

Low Glycaemic Index


Mushrooms contain a low amount of carbohydrates. They are very healthy for people who are trying to lose weight sustainably as it has a sufficient amount of fibre to keep you full throughout the day.

Mushrooms are considered safe to eat, as their low Glycemic Load (GL) and Glycemic Index (GI) content won’t spike your blood sugar levels. Their Vitamin B and polysaccharide content may offer additional health benefits for people with diabetes, which includes improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Keeping aside its anti-diabetic properties, mushrooms are an added flavour to your dishes without any extra carbs and calories.

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