Stupidity alert! If you have been mixing your alcohol with energy drinks, please don't

Drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks increases your risk of injuries, says a new study.

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Mind BodyWritten by: Onlymyhealth Staff WriterPublished at: May 12, 2017
Stupidity alert! If you have been mixing your alcohol with energy drinks, please don't

Friday is here! After a hectic and long busy week at office, it’s time to have fun. For most of us the idea of fun involves around the act of drinking.  There are several watering holes to opt from and enough varities to indulge in. Some of us don’t care if this sort of happy-hour weekend lifestyle takes a toll on our wallet.  

But, if you’re planning a party at your friend’s place where alcohol is mixed with energy drinks. You may want to read this.  According to a new research, mixing alcohol with highly caffeinated energy drinks could increase the risk of falls and injury.

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A team of reseachers from the University of Victoria’s center for Addictions Research of BC (CARBC) in Canada analysed 13 studies on the topic of alcohol and energy drinks, which were published from 1981- to 2016.

10 out of 13 studies that fit the criteria, showed evidence of association between consuming alcohol mixed with energy drinks and an increased risk of injury compared to drinking alcohol only.  The research also included  both unintentional injuries such as falls or car accidents and intentional such as fights or other types of physical violence.

The lead author of the study, Audra Roemer, M.Sc., explains, “Not more than often, when you drink, you get tired and you go home. So, if you’re drinking alcohol mixed with energy drinks, you may not realise how intoxicated you’re and may consume more alcohol and engage in risky behavior and more hazardous drinking practices, due to the masking done by energy drinks.

He further added that, 3 of the studies also looked at whether risk taking or sensation seeking personality traits could increase your chances of getting injured.  He said, “we know that these are risk factors for alcohol-related injuries, and some research has suggested that people who have these traits might prefer the awake-drunk state that you get from mixing alcohol and energy drinks.”

However, Roemer did point out that there is a lack of research in this area, and wide variability in the studies analysed. More research is now needed in order to confirm the team’s findings.

The results can be found published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

So, tonight if you’ve your favorite drink, don’t mix it with the energy drinks.


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