Women's Mental Health: Steps To Counter Violence Against Women For Mental Wellbeing

Psychologist Latika Narang explains how the mental health of women can be gravely disturbed due to violence.

Latika Narang
Written by: Latika NarangPublished at: May 14, 2020
Women's Mental Health: Steps To Counter Violence Against Women For Mental Wellbeing

Abuse is such a waste of time and energy and karmically bad. Being a victim is equally unacceptable as it is a conscious choice, that will have no good end to the story. It’s time we found our humanity and find ways and means to live and grow in love! Hence, mental health is extremely important for complete wellbeing. When it comes to women and domestic violence, it becomes essential that the same should be combated with much care. Violence against women can lead to: 

  • Mental imbalance
  • Disturbed reproductive cycle 
  • Delayed menstrual cycle
  • Suicidal thoughts

Hence, follow these steps to counter violence against women

social media

The Devil of Social Media & Company Messaging

  • The man or woman who hands a contract to the PR agencies must categorically state that the agencies must sell their product without cheap gimmicks such as using women & children to sell or use guilt and fear to push the product. If you are a CEO, be responsible for what your products or services portray, it reflects your character and that of the organisation.
  • The PR & Media companies are akin to the Villain who pulls a woman and child in front of him to take the bullets so that he does not get shot. They need to also get creative & positive in their selling as these are messages that influence your country and your own children. Man up!

Media Literate: View without Absorbing

Do not accept guilt, fear or humiliation from media. Avoid watching or forwarding jokes or advertisements that are detrimental to women, children, men or animals. Go for Brands that can sell their products without telling you that you are inadequate or that throwing fear of death at your children. Speak up or report, write, twitter or use change.org to stop inappropriate, sexist language and insensitive behaviour or views.


Stop Street Harassment

How does one man get away with harassing an individual in Public when there are minimum 4-5 people watching?  Use the collective strength or be the hero and stand up for a clean world with people of substance. If you spot any inappropriate behaviour on the street, report it, act or report it. 

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Women, Find Your Courage

  • Education, unfortunately, does not teach about courage. Inner strength resides in every being and does not need to come from family friends or society, it is in built-in every soul on the planet! Ladies, find it. Don’t be the weak link hiding behind money, children and society.
  • Accepting abuse is not the reason your birth or subsequent Life Plan, it is about being happy or at least okay. Being flexible and adjusting are great traits that even businesses today are talking about, but flexible to the extent that you are the carpet is a bit much and women need to build their self-respect without becoming the aggressor. Be a woman, be yourself, do not try to be or emulate men.

Men, You Can Help

The best way a man can help in creating a balance between men and woman is to first be a Gentleman. A gentleman respects listens and supports women in a manner that is strong and yet encourages their strength. He looks for an equal partner, not a slave, trophy, possession or toy. Check now how you view women around you. The most global yet common & endemic behaviour is to stereotype women as nagging, painful, not like us, unintelligent objects whose opinions and views have no standing!! Let’s break this typecast, now!

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Mothers, Be Mothers, Not Victims

If you do not teach your daughters and sons the difference between right and wrong behaviour, it will come back to bite you. If you do not teach your children how to respect women, men and seniors, do not expect them to respect you when they grow up. The TV shows are full of conniving, manipulating women, stop watching that nonsense as it will influence you as well as your children. It is only solidifying the bias. Be a strong, active and most importantly, the inspirational role model for your children.

Men, Be Role Model Dads & Husbands

Some of the new dads are involved in their children’s upbringing but it should be a rule, not an exception. Most men are brought believing that their role is that of Provider, period. Unfortunately, that is a media-generated role and nowhere close to the social or family constellation requirement. The role of the dad is to be a role model and influence your children to be strong, independent, responsible adults. How is that possible if your wife and children are lowest on your priority list consisting of work, friends, parents, games, bro time? 

Also, ask yourself if your wife is with you because that is the only place she would rather be or because she has no other choice and must suffer you? Discover each other’s prismatic qualities and hues, to be the family that you always wanted.

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