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Speech Delay In Children: Know Causes, Symptoms and Tips to Overcome From Doctor

Speech and language delay in children is a common problem these days. Know its causes, symptoms and tips to overcome.

Navya Kharbanda
Written by: Navya KharbandaUpdated at: Dec 23, 2021 15:55 IST
 Speech Delay In Children: Know Causes, Symptoms and Tips to Overcome From Doctor

Speech delay can be seen in few children. A speech and language delay are seen when the child isn’t developing speech and language at an expected rate. It is important to consult the doctor regarding the speech delay in  children. Every child is unique. Children develop and grow in their own space. But many of them tend to experience speech delays. Onlymyhealth editorial team spoke to Dr. Prashant Moralwar, Consultant Paediatrician, Motherhood Hospital Kharghar, about the symptoms, causes and tips to overcome speech delay in children.

By 1, the child will respond, wave, point out or say at least 1 word, for e.g.- baba, mama, tata etc. During the age of 2, the child will obey your command, will bring to your things, and show you object. But, at times these milestones can be delayed. Sometimes the children will not smile back at you will fail to notice that you are in the room, will avoid noticing certain noises, tend to play alone, and they are not interested in or play with toys but likes to play with objects in the house. Read on to know more about this, and we are sure that the children will be able to overcome this problem.

Speech delay in children symptoms

If we talk about the symptoms of speech and language delay, they can vary in every child. It will be a matter of concern for you when the child says simple words like mama papa by the age of 15 months of age. The child will know about words like no or “stop by 18 months of age. They will take as long as years to just say shorter sentences. Moreover, it will also take time for children to just recite a poem or simple story by 5 years. The main symptoms of speech delay in children are:

  • Not babbling by 15 months of age
  • Not talking by 2 years of age
  • Not able to form short sentences by 3 years of age
  • Inability to follow directions
  • Poor pronunciation
  • Difficulty in putting words in a single sentence

Speech delay in children causes

Children may have speech problems when there is hearing loss, slow development, intellectual disability, autism (a developmental disorder), elective mutism (the child just doesn’t want to talk), Cerebral palsy (a movement disorder caused by brain damage). This is how you can diagnose speech and language delay.

The doctor will help the children recognize a speech and language delay. Your child will be examined thoroughly, and then referred to a specialist if he/she doesn’t speak at all. So, if the baby has trouble hearing, he or she may refer your child to an audiologist for a hearing test. The line of treatment is decided by the doctor based on the underlying diagnosis of the condition.

How to overcome speech and language delay in children?

speech therapies

It happens that some children will start talking on their own. After the prompt diagnosis and treatment, there will be improved communication. Your child will learn how to lip-read. Not only this, but the child will also be referred to a psychologist (a specialist in behaviour problems), an occupational therapist (for help with daily activities). Remember, you shouldn’t get angry, frustrated, irritated, or stressed if the child is unable to speak properly. Give your child enough time to understand things and support him/her.

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A child of 1 year will speak 1 word like “baba”, “mama”, “tata”, etc A child of 2 years will speak a sentence of 2 words like “give me”, “go out”, etc A child of 3 years will speak a sentence of 3 words like “please give me”, “I don’t want”, etc. If you see there is a hint of speech delay, one should consult a doctor.