Can Sour Food Addiction Cause Stomach Ailments?

Let us tell you about the damage done to the stomach by sour food addiction. 


Tavishi Dogra
Written by: Tavishi DograPublished at: Apr 21, 2020
Can Sour Food Addiction Cause Stomach Ailments?

All of us need to be healthy! Hence, today, most people are getting health cons. But if healthy things are eaten inappropriately and excessively, then it becomes harmful. Therefore, before eating anything, complete information about it should be taken. Many people consume lemonade for weight loss and strength (as soon as they arise), but it has the opposite effect on our health. Apart from this, people often eat sour things to cure gas and indigestion problems. Eating sour things like pickle, sour, tamarind, orange, amla, curd and lemon water etc. can cause many stomach related issues like - stomach ache, stomach infection and UTI. Today we tell you the disadvantages of sour food addiction.

Stomach pain

Many people like to drink lemonade. In such a situation, people who drink more lemonade may have stomach pain. Lemon contains citric acid, and our body is unable to tolerate it in large amounts; therefore, foods containing citric acid should be taken after eating. Another reason behind this is that our body has an individual capacity; on top of that, our body cannot tolerate the number of ascorbic acids. As a result, different types of troubles start in your body, which indicates about the extra acid present in your body.


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Constipation can also be a reason for sour food addiction. Failure to remove the waste properly from the body can become a severe problem. By eating sour things like pickle, sour, tamarind, orange and amla, etc., gas starts to form in the stomach, which causes this problem. Hence, it is also said, not to eat anything sour on an empty stomach.

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Urinary tract infection (UTI)

Most of the urinary tract infections in girls can also be caused by excess sour food. Eating too many sour things spoils the pH of our body, and in girls and women, it becomes a major cause of vaginal infection. Any change in the body has a different effect on our urinary tract, which is usually called disease. There can be other reasons for urinary infections, but sudden changes in body pH are one of the common causes.

lemon pickle


Yoghurt is considered very beneficial for the stomach. In summer, consuming yoghurt makes you feel very relaxed and healthful. But maybe you do not know that eating yoghurt on an empty stomach is a disadvantage, which increases acidity and can lead to ulcer problems. Taking yoghurt on an empty stomach neutralizes the benefit from the bacteria present in it, hence can be a significant cause of ulcers.

Good bacteria and sour foods

There are some good bacteria in our body, which are found in our intestines. Eating sour things causes damage to these good bacteria, which makes our stomach weak from pH level to digestive power. 

Conclusion: So while consuming lemonade, tomatoes, tamarind and pickles, take care of time and food ratio. In this way, both you and your health will remain.

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