Sort out Little Things Before Taking Marital Plunge

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Jan 21, 2015

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Quick Bites

  • Many decisions must be considered before marriage.
  • You must know each other’s priorities.
  • Know the differences between each other.
  • Measure your compatibility level.

Silhouette of a couple  When children reach a marriageable age, parents become busy in finding a suitable match and get jitters if their wards take time to decide. Children on the other hand feel their parents put too much pressure on them. While both may be right in their own ways, what is important is not to hurry and check out some points before taking the final plunge.

Marriage Problems

We have a responsibility of getting our daughter married. Children now think that we are forcing our decision on them, but which parent doesn’t want them to get settled? Children just don’t understand us,” says Gopi Krishna, father of a 25-year-old daughter.
Heena Mishra, a student, has opposite views. “Parents these days are very possessive and want children to get married soon after they turn 23. That’s okay but if some proposal comes, they must give some time to us to think over it,” she says.

“It’s very important to know the other person and judge things accordingly before taking such a major decision. Little things that some people get to know later about a person, usually creates trouble between both partners,” says Dr Geetanjali Sharma, relationship counsellor. Consider the points given below:

Know Each Others Priorities/Goals in Life

Give time to each other, know each other. Their career plans, their way of carrying things forward and how important these things are to them.

Marriage Problems

Know the Differences

This is a point that must be considered soon and taken care of properly as this is a major cause of conflict between two people. It is very important for each other to understand what’s different in the other person and tackle it skillfully and respect the differences.


Start to get to know each others’ priorities and negatives and positives in life. That will tell you how to deal with yourself, person and relationship.These points are important.

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